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During our first week at computing club, the children have been building and programming their own band. The children chose which instruments they wanted to have in their band. Then, they programed each one to play when clicked on by the mouse pointer. After this the children made their msuical instruments move and dance along to the beat of the music.

During computing today, Year 1 were given the task of writing an algorithm that would program the teacher robot to make a jam sandwich. In their groups, the children needed to think carefully about the the types of instructions they would need to include in their algorithm. They also needed to think about making their… Continue Reading

Year 1 PE

During PE this week, Year 1 have been learning about different ways of moving and balancing. This week’s lesson consisted of an obstacle course which incorporated a number of different movements and balances such as, walking like a gymnast and a crab, army crawling like a soldier, walking along a balancing beam and jumping like… Continue Reading

Year 4 PE

During the term in PE, Year 4 will be learning football skills. In today’s lesson the children practiced keeping the ball under control using the inside and outside of their feet. We began by playing a game called body parts. Whilst the children practiced their control with a partner, Mr Patterson would call out a… Continue Reading

During Computing this week, Year 4 have been programming their sprite to tell a joke. First the children wrote an algorithm for two individual sprites to tell each other a joke. Using the ‘say’ and ‘wait’ function, the children were able to make one sprite wait whilst the other was speaking. After this, in partners,… Continue Reading

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