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I hear thunder!

Nursery have enjoyed making lots of noise this week using our musical instruments.

After listening to our nursery rhyme of the week ‘I hear thunder’ we talked about loud sounds and quiet sounds. The children then explored this further using a range of musical instruments to see which ones made really loud noises and which ones made quieter noises.


Welcoming new friends.

Our collective worship theme was friendship and welcoming new friends. We talked about how lucky we are to have so many friends in school and what makes us a good friend.

We then invited each child to place their face tag on our tree and thank God for making them a good friend.

Fit for a king!

This week in school we celebrated the Epiphany. In Nursery the children recalled the Nativity story and how the three kings travelled a long way, following a big star in the sky to visit baby Jesus in the stable in Bethlehem.


We talked about the gifts that they took baby Jesus and thought about the gifts we received at Christmas too. To celebrate the feast of the Epiphany we all made our own crowns using coloured card and lots of different resources and we wore them in Nursery all afternoon to help us remember.