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Year 4 are taking part in a skipping festival later in the year. In order to get ready for the festival, Nick from Skipping School came in to teach the children a variety of skipping skills. The children learnt some individual skills including; double bounce, side swing and pretzal. They also took part in some partnership skills and some team skills. Going forward the children are going to practice their skipping techniques as much as possible and will start to put together a dance routine ready for the festival.

Year 4 have started studying community in RE. As part of this the pupils thought about the communities they are part of. Through collective worship we reflected on how we are all part of the church and the school community and why we were grateful for this. Continue Reading

Throughout Science, we have been investigating the items that make good conductors and insulators. In order to do this, the children created a list of items they would like to test and made their own predictions. They then used batteries, wires and bulbs to find out if their predictions were correct. Some of the items… Continue Reading

Year 4 have been using their bodies to make shapes within PE. The children worked in small groups to make different letters of the alphabet using their whole bodies. They will develop this further next lesson through forming larger groups and making their names and other words. Continue Reading

Today we had a special visitor in. David is a physics teacher and came to work with the children using balloons. This is linked to the Erasmus work the school has been doing. Through this lesson, the children were able to interact with the balloons and discovered a variety of new, fun things which can… Continue Reading

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