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Stations of the Cross

Year 3 visited church today to look at the Stations of the Cross. The children looked at the pictures and heard the stories about each one. They prayed a special prayer which related to each of the stations as they followed the path of Jesus. The children really enjoyed seeing the church in a different way.



As part of their Science topic, Year 3 have been finding out about forces. The children have carried out an investigation to find out if smooth or rough surfaces cause more friction and slow a moving object down. The children chose to use sand, soil, tarmac and grass. They have had a great time collecting the results.

Enormous Crocodile Dance

Year 3 have been creating their own dance following the story of the Enormous Crocodile. The children have created their own music for the opening scene and used a fairground song for later in the story. They then went on to develop their own dance moves to retell the tale.

Jesse Tree


During Advent, Year 3 have been preparing for Jesus’ arrival by exploring the Jesse Tree. Each day the children have shared a Bible story and added a symbol to the Jesse Tree. These symbols represent how God prepared for the arrival of Jesus, which is shown in scripture throughout the Bible.

Party Day


Year 3 had a wonderful party day! The children completed some Christmas crafts, took part in a Christmas quiz (and did very well too). They danced, ate and even got to have a chat with Santa who called them all the way from the North Pole!