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For Fairtrade fortnight, Year 4 have been reading a book called Cloud Tea Monkeys. The book began with the arrival of monkeys in the classroom, they then smelt a variety of teas and had to work out what the new book might be about. We read through the book and the children have participated in a range of English tasks based on it. They used their inference and prediction skills throughout the book. The book also linked well to Fairtrade and we were able to research the working conditions for the tea pickers and had some interesting conversations about, ‘what is Fairtrade’. The children have been able to use the ICT suite to research some faraway destinations which they can then write their own stories about.

In our solids, liquids and gases topic, we have been investigating whether gases weigh anything. The children identified the different states of matter within a bottle of lemonade. They then made their predictions and stated if they thought the gases within the bottle weighed anything. To carry out the investigation they weighted their bottle of… Continue Reading

As part of the Erasmus project, scientist David has returned to make kites with some of the children. Year 4 took part in the activities. We watched films of kite festivals and looked at the shapes and designs of kites which informed our discussions of a good kite. The children were then read a story… Continue Reading

The children (and teachers) across the school have enjoyed taking part in World Book Day. The children shared their favourite characters and books and have been inspired to read more. To celebrate their outfits, the key stage 2 children took part in a catwalk activity. There were some amazing costumes! A fun day was had… Continue Reading

  Year 4 have begun a new science topic – states of matter. In order to understand solids, liquids and gases, the children became them! They went out into the yard and started as a gas particle, this meant they had to spread out and move around quickly. They then became a liquid particle by… Continue Reading

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