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Today, year 3 have been playing the glockenspiel to recreate the music for Let Your Spirit Fly. The children did well playing across 3 different keys. They recognised the pulse to the music and were counting in beats of 4. They then used this knowledge to play the correct key in time with the music.

Tag Rugby


Year 3 have been developing their tag rugby skills in PE. The children have learnt how to pass and catch a ball successfully. Today the children began intercepting the ball during a game of ‘piggy in the middle’ which then led to a mini tag rugby tournament where they had to successfully get the ball into their try area without being tagged.

Let Your Spirit Fly

As part of their music lesson, Year 3 learned to sign to the song Let Your Spirit Fly. The children learned the different signs for the words throughout the song, then came together to create a video.

Leek harvesting

Year 3 harvested the leeks in the raised beds this week. The children explored the look and smell of them as well as removing any caterpillars! The school cook then very kindly made them into leek puddings for the children to sample the taste. A lot of the children came back for second portions!

Fact finding

Year 3 have been fact finding in the school grounds to find out more about changes from the Mesolithic to Neolithic age. The children had to explore the school grounds in order to find out information explaining why Stone Age people began farming as well as what they farmed. The children then used this information to write a letter to a distant cousin, persuading them to stop hunting and begin farming.