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Year 4 Home Learning – Thursday 16th July

Good morning Year 4,

Well it is your last day in Year 4 – well done for making it this far! I have really, really enjoyed having you as my class, it’s been a fun year and we have all learned so much. However, I promise I won’t cry today because I know I am going to see you all in September on your first day in Mr Craig’s class.

Mr Patterson and I also just wanted to say a huge thank you, to you and your Mum’s and Dad’s, for the beautiful presents. It was so kind of you all, I absolutely love mine! They look beautiful in my house and I can’t wait to try out Bradley Gardens for afternoon tea! Thank you everyone. 🙂

OK, here’s your last day’s activities in Year 4!

In English, we are going to have a final practise of adverbial skills, as you’ll be using these lots in Year 5! In Maths, we’re practising our times tables – there are 3 pictures, each with harder multiplication calculations. Choose the one you want to do, or maybe challenge yourself and try them all!

English – Adverbial Adventures

Maths – Multiplication Colour By Numbers 2

And finally, I know how much you all love poetry, so let’s finish the year by writing our own acrostic poem using the word SUMMER.

Extra Task – Summer Acrostic Poem

And now it’s time for your Summer Holidays! Hip, Hip Hooray!

One final – VERY IMPORTANT – thing to say, Happy Birthday Lucas for tomorrow 🙂 And Happy Birthday Harley for August 5th 🙂 9 at long last! I hope you both have amazing Birthdays and I look forward to hearing all about what you got up to, in September!

Have a wonderful summer Year 4… or should I say, soon to be Year 5 🙂

See you in September!

Mrs Myers 🙂 🙂 🙂

Year 4 Home Learning – Wednesday 15th July

Good morning Year 4,

It’s the middle of the week already?

Today in English, I have short, fun writing tasks for you. In Maths, I’ve set you a real challenge of the Mystery of Melting Ice Cream. Some of the questions are tricky, so if you’ve really tried your hardest, have a look at the answer and try to see if you can work out how to get to it. I don’t expect you to do this all today, maybe you could do half today and the rest tomorrow? It’s up to you… keep at it though to solve the mystery!

English – Comprehension and Writing Practise

The Mystery of The Melting Ice Cream – Maths Problem ( 2 days)

Extra Task

As an extra task today I thought you might like to remember some of your favourite things about Year 4. I’ve given you a choice of tasks, you can either create a whole scrapbook of memories or create a memory page. It’s up to you 🙂

Extra Task – End of Year Scrapbook

Extra Task – My End of Year Memory Page

Enjoy your day everyone,

Mrs Myers

Year 4 Home Learning – Tuesday 14th July

Happy Tuesday Year 4!

Another day of fun activities I promise 🙂

We are practising our prefixes in English and then doing some Emoji Maths. I have also included an extra activity today, a set of reading challenge cards. There are 60 challenges in total (so please don’t print them all). I only expect you to do 1 or 2 but I thought it would be good for you to have them all in case you wish to use them again in the future. All you have to do is think about the book you are currently reading, or one of your favourite books, and answer the challenge you choose with that book in mind. Enjoy your day… I’m off to do a reading challenge myself!!

English – Prefix word fun with answers

Emoji Maths – with answers

Extra Task – Reading Challenge Cards

Take care,

Mrs Myers

Year 4 Home Learning – Monday 13th July

Good morning Year 4,

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend.

Wow, we have made it to the last week of term, and although it has been a very strange year, I know you have all worked super hard both at home and in school. So I wanted to say a big well done to everyone. Thank you for being such a lovely class.

This week, as it’s our final week, we will be doing lots of fun summer activities. I hope you enjoy them. As always if you have any work you are proud of, please send it in to me. It is always fantastic to see what you are doing.

Stay safe everyone and enjoy your day.

Mrs Myers 🙂

EnglishSee if you can find something you have learnt this year that fits every letter in the alphabet, and then have a little bit of dream about what you might like to do this summer 🙂

End of Year What Have I Learned Challenge

Five Things I Want To Do This Summer – Writing

Mathspractise your timestables whilst perfecting your colouring skills. If you don’t have a printer, why not draw your own picture and make up your own colouring scheme by adding multiplication calculations to it?

Maths – Practising Your Times Tables by Colouring

Extra Task

Get creative with these art challenges. There are eight to choose from and you can choose as many as you wish!

Extra Task – Art and Design Challenge

Year 4 Home Learning – Friday 10th July

Happy Friday Year 4!

Thank you for working hard for another week! Only one week to go and then I promise you can enjoy the holidays.

Before we start our work today, I just wanted to say, I hope you had a lovely 9th Birthday Lena? It was lovely to see you, and everyone, on Monday and I know you were excited about your Birthday, so I hope you had a fantastic day and received some lovely presents 🙂


Today, is our last history lesson looking at 1066 and Norman England. I hope you have enjoyed learning all about this fascinating period of history, I know I have! Watch the video I have prepared below and then complete the tasks in the worksheet provided.

History – Worksheet


Today, our second activity is Art and I would like you to draw a self-portrait of yourself. I have found a couple of tutorial videos that I would like you to watch first and then when you come to do your self-portrait you can either use a photo of yourself or simply look in a mirror as you are drawing. Remember to try and use all of the tips you pick up in the videos when doing your work. And don’t worry if you don’t get it right first time, practise makes perfect 🙂 Just enjoy it.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Mrs Myers