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Special Friends

It was fabulous for Y6 to see and sing with their special friends today. They shared some jokes, danced and sang together.

Stations of the cross

Year 6 took part in the stations of the cross in Church. They shared prayers and readings for each station, discussed the stations and made alot of links to the other elements that they had been discussing within RE.

Egg Jarping

Year 6 had a cracking time egg jarping ! As part of their explanatory text writing they eggsperienced this sport to give them a real insight into how to be an eggcelent egg jarper !

Eggciting times

Eggciting times

Year 6 have been busy finishing off their first enterprise project. With lots of potential requests for Easter chicks, they are busy working to meet their Easter deadlines. Profits are to be included in our Lent Walk for Water fundraising.

Dream catchers

As part of our wellbeing weeks in school, Year 6 created their own dream catchers. Using willow and wool they whipped and wove the wool to create some very effective finished products.