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Y6 Home Learning Friday 3rd April

It’s nearly the weekend.


Percentage code breaker. Don’t forget that if you find 10% first, you can then find 5%, 20% etc

Maths 3-4

Maths 3-4 Answers


Egg jarping. What on earth is that ? Do a google search and write down 10 facts about this Easter sport. Why not give it a go at home? Don’t forget to decorate and name your weapon!


Rock stars – Have you been on recently ?

Have a look at this site from the school games page. A good excuse to play games and practice your tables. Winner, winner !





Y6 Home Learning 2nd April


Arithmetic-Paper-2 – 4

Arithmetic-Paper-2 – 4 – Answers


Following on from the clip, imagine Brave came across a new creature.Firstly draw the creature that she stumbled across on her travels.Using vivid description write a couple of sentences describing this new enemy. To finish the writing, describe what happened in the meeting between the creature and Brave. Did it end well ? Was there a twist ? A funny end to the story or something more sinister


Here is a different game you might want to make and try

Year 6 Home Learning 1st April

Nothing to do today. Just kicking back and relaxing. None of that troublesome work. Scroll down for more instructions . . . .














Look at the date ! Got you !


An open ended investigation today. Try to be organised to help you solve it.

elf-houses-investigation-number-1 – 4

elf-houses-investigation-number-1 – 4 Answers


Watch the clip again but this time without the sound.You now need to write a new voice over for the trailer. Use the phrases that you wrote yesterday to help. It needs to introduce the film but not give away too much detail. It needs to encourage the viewer to want to watch the film and persuade them to go.


Fancy making a game with a difference ? Use the link below and have some fun !


Year 6 Home Learning Tuesday 31st March


A mixture of problems today. Read the question a few times if you are unsure. Don’t forget that you might need to do some calculations on a scrap page to help you. Sorry for confusing you all if you competed the first set. Here is the correct set …

MathsPart 1

Maths Part 1 Answers

Maths Part 2

Maths Part 2 Answers


Watch the trailer for the film Brave.

Write some descriptive phrases for the landscape, bear and girl. At least 3 for each. Include some prepositional phrases and a range of clauses to make your writing more interesting. ( Prepositional phrases – Within the moss coated earth, Under the jet black sky etc )


Fancy a trip to Washington DC ? This link takes you to a vrtual tour of the Smithsonian Museum in America.

Year 6 Home Learning Monday 30th March


Wake up the brain with a few calculations.

Arithmetic-30 – 3

Arithmetic-30 – 3 – Answers


A comprehension about Tim Peake. Don’t forget to skim and scan to find the key words in the text.

comprehension 30-3

comprehension 30-3 Answers


This coding game is worth looking at. It is progressive, starting really easily.