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Year Six have been continuing their work lighting fires using a flint and striker. This week they experimented with some petroleum jelly to see the effect that this had on their cotton wool pads. Harry worked really hard to catch a spark on a piece of char cloth using an actual piece of flint and a steel striker. To prove that his first attempt was not luck, he repeated the process !

Year Six have been using the databases that they created about the climate of different Mexican cities to answer key questions. They learnt how to use and / or searches and the differences that this made. Continue Reading

To celebrate Mother’s day, Year Six have been learning how to quill paper. The resulting cards were beautiful and we hope the recipients love them. Continue Reading

Year Five had an amazing opportunity this afternoon. As part of the visit from Space Camp Sam, they had the opportunity to train as astronaut ! They undertook a carousel of activities involving translating Russian, precision training, memory training, dexterity training and mission patches. Thankfully, they all passed ! Continue Reading

Year Six have been learning the skills of Tag Rugby. They have been practicing taking tags and passing accurately using the ball. There was alot of swivelling hips to avoid having the tags taken ! Continue Reading

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