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Year 6 Home Learning Monday 6th July

Good morning year 6. We hope you have all had lovely weekend. Mrs Horne and Mr Knox are nearly finished putting your year book together and are enjoying reading your special memories, ready for next week. We are looking forward to seeing you all again.

English Circle Books (Day 1)

English today is a bit different. When you think of books, you don’t think of circles ! Click on the links below to find out more about your task.


Circle Book Task


Covid Art

Over the last few weeks (getting on for months) we have seen several emotive pieces of artwork created that- depending on interpretation- explore the current ‘lockdown’ situation and Covid 19 virus.

Have any of you seen any pieces of artwork that have been discussed on the news?

Have you come across artwork that people have created whilst online?

Click on the PowerPoint to explore this further.

Art.Halfportrait home


Click on the links below to see examples of art that has been produced, during the Covid 19 virus.  Choose from the links, which piece of artwork you want to focus on. Then choose your ‘cropped’ picture, which you will work on to re-produce the original picture.

Complete mask

mask halved

from my house to yours full picture

from my house to yours half picture

Heroes full picture

Heroes halvedl picture

mutiple masks halved

mutiple masks


Multiply and divide decimals by whole numbers

Click on the link below for todays work. You will need to have your multiplication facts revised to help you, so you might want to use the multiplication games first ! Don’t forget to use the stretch and check your understanding sections to challenge.

Y6 6-7


Follow the link to practice your multiplication and division facts.

Transition work for the soon to be Year Six class !!!

Dear Year Five,
As we haven’t had as much time to get to know you as we would have liked, today we would like to hear a bit more about you. So we thought we’d ask you to do something quite creative and design a Year Five transition Tee Shirt – All about me tee !
Here are ours.

Task : Design a Tee Shirt to tell us all about you
You should include:
Your Name
Who is in your family
Any pets
Favourite song, movie, book, place
Use the attached template, print it off and write your information inside. Don’t forget to use colour or images and make it look attractive.
Take a photo of your finished Tee shirt and email it to
We are looking forward to finding out about you all.

Y6 Home Learning 3rd July

Good morning Year 6, it’s nearly the weekend.


Interpreting and drawing circuit symbols

Click on the link below to find out more about your task.

Complete all the sheets.

Interpreting and Drawing Circuit Symbols


Use the link below to look at some different pieces of art drawn through a window. Once you have looked and read through, it is over to you. You might want to start with the frame of the window to give you a border to work towards.


Ever heard of iterative design ? Neither had I ! But this link tells you all about it and how you can do your own iterative designs.


Y6 Home Learning 2nd July

Good Morning Year 6, Science, Maths and some French today.


Back to Science today and we are starting a new topic, linked to Electricity.

Click on the link below to find out more about your task.

Standardised electricity symbols

Click on the answer link when you have finished the first Task 1.

Answers standardised symbols


Today is the second investigations about ratios.

Y6 Investigation 2-7



Click on the link to practice days, months and time.

Y6 Home Learning 1st July

Good Morning Year Six. Some more work on ratios and a comprehension.


Ruby Bridge Comprehension

Ruby Bridge Comprehension-Answers


The maths for the next two days is about ratios. Two investigations to help you explore ratios. Remember ratio is simply a way of scaling up or down but it is a fundamental part of nature.

Y6 Ratio Investigation 1-7


Do you remember flappy birds ? Here is a game with a difference. What can you change within the game ? Have a go !