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Science Week Investigation

As part of Science Week and our Forces topic, year 5 have taken part in their own investigation. We decided to discuss the relationship between the mass of an object and it’s gravitational pull. The children worked in teams to conduct a fair test measuring the gravitational pull of different items using a Newton Meter. Ask a Year 5 child what they found out and the conclusion to our investigation. Well done Year 5!

Newcastle University Visit

Year 5 received a fantastic treat today, Deej and Charlotte visited us from Newcastle University. They delivered a workshop looking at life at university. We looked at the campus, what people can study and activities students do in class. The children were given workbooks to complete tasks and we became code breakers using our Maths… Continue Reading

Kite Artwork – Flying High in Europe

Inspired by Monet, a founder of impressionist painting and landscape art work, Year 5 created their very own landscape scene featuring a kite flying with its reflection in the water below. We used so many different techniques to build up our pictures. Fristly, we used paint and our fingers to apply a simple base of… Continue Reading

World Book Day Year 5

The year 5 children arrived in school dressed as their favourite book character. We enjoyed a day of book reviews and catwalks to show off our amazing costumes. Continue Reading

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