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Angles in Maths

We discovered different types of angles in maths this week. We used art straws to create our own shapes and diagrams that included the correct amounts of acute, obtuse, reflex and right angles that were needed. We then labelled our complete diagrams with the correct angles. Well done Year 5.

Collective Worship – Friendship

Year 5 led their own collective worship based on the theme of Friendship. We listened to the story of the Good Samaritan and Jesus’ Special Friends. We thought about how we could be good friends to all. We started our worship in the Gospel Garden and ended by singing back in class. Continue Reading

Year 5 – Art work

Year 5 have continued to develop their art topic based around impressionist artists. First we sketched our own landscape image, following that we built up our first layer of paint using different textures and tools. Continue Reading

Science – Stages of Development

Year 5 have been investigating the final stage of human development. This final stage is known as Old Age. The children used their comprehension skills to organise a range of true and false statements about old age. Following this they produced their own poster detailing their knowledge. Continue Reading

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