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After little sleep, an early wake up call and showers we were set for Day 2. Today we took time to reflect and prayer for those in our lives who love us, support us and help us succeed by beginning with a morning reflection in the Chapel.

We then took part in exciting workshops; there was dance, drama and art. All of the workshops culminated in the Celebration Liturgy this afternoon. We showcased our talents and thought about all of the amazing Creations of God.

We are God’s most precious creation.

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We have now returned to our wonderful chalets to enjoy our “Boys’ Night In” and “Slumber” parties. The sweets are opened and the films have been chosen!! We are all very excited! Continue Reading

Continuing in our electricity science topic, we investigated conductors and insulators this week! Our task was to find out which materials allowed electrical energy to flow through them. We used: plastic, nickel, aluminium, wood, wool and paper. From our investigation we discovered the only conductors of electrical energy were aluminium and nickel. Some of us… Continue Reading

In maths Year 4 have been learning about Directions using compass points. They have also recently learnt about co-ordinates and plotting co-ordinates. This week we have made ‘Find the Treasure’ game for each other. We choose a starting point and plotted it using a cross then, left clues from long forgotten pirates to find their… Continue Reading

Year 5 were set a challenge this week in Science! Using our knowledge from last weeks investigation, we had design and make a parachute that would create the biggest Air Resistance force. We had to take into account: the size of canvas and weight of passenger. All of our parachutes were successful! The ones which … Continue Reading

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