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The feast of Our Lady of Lourdes

Year 2 planned and led a collective worship today about Our Lady. The children listened to the story of Bernadette and thought about how she felt when Our Lady appeared to her. The children the reflected on the qualities of Our Lady. They blessed themselves with some holy water from the shrine in Lourdes. Continue Reading

Light the bulb!

Year 2 had great fun in science last week when they were given a bulb, battery and two wires and were set the challenge of lighting the bulb. The children worked well in their small groups, they persevered and with just a few useful hints, they were very successful! Continue Reading

We’re going on a ‘said word’ hunt!

Year 2 have been on a ‘said word’ hunt. The children looked in our class library to try to find as many words as they could that mean the same as ‘said’. They were very successful and were able to find lots. Continue Reading

Safer Internet Day 2019 – Year 2

During #SaferInternetDay2019 Year 2 read the story of ‘Smartie the penguin’ who got a new tablet for his birthday. The children discussed what Smartie should do when an ‘image’ popped onto his screen. They considered whether they should click on it or tell an adult. Continue Reading

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