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Pirate Pictures – Computing

In computing this week the children have used ‘Photo Simple’ to cut out their face from a photograph. With some support the children then copied and pasted this image into ‘2 Paint a Picture’. The children then drew their body – dressed as a pirate! Continue Reading

Pirate Ship

Year 2 have looked very carefully at a pirate ship and were able to work in small groups to label the different features; bow, stern, deck, crows nest, sail, rigging, mast and porthole. and porthole.   Continue Reading

Year 2 School Councillors

It was very exciting last week to find out who would be the Year 2 School Councillors. After reading out their manifestos, the children went into the school hall to vote and then the results were revealed … We were very happy and pleased for Sadie Cox and Findlay Jones who were announced as our… Continue Reading

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