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Exploring Winding Mechanisms

Year 2 have started their new Design Technology topic; Winding Mechanisms.

The lesson today involved the children finding out what a winding mechanism is and exploring the winding mechanisms on toy cranes. The children were able to find the following features; axle, handle, rope, weight and hook. Everyone had lots of fun!


In Computing this week Year 2 have completed a collection of activities involving programming a robot with an algorithm to successfully complete a task and reach a particular target. The children all worked well. They were encouraged to preserve and stick at it. If they weren’t successful the first time, the children were able to debug the… Continue Reading

Missing Number Problems – Bar Models

In maths this week we have been looking at some missing number problems. The children used the dienes blocks to help calculate the missing numbers and then represented this as a bar model. Continue Reading

Features of instruction writing

This week Year 2 started to learn about a new genre in English; instructions. The week began with the children looking through a collection of instructions to try to identify the features. They then created a poster sharing all of the features of instructional writing which has then contributed to our success criteria displayed in… Continue Reading

Signs and Symbols Collective Worship

Year 2 have successfully planned and led their own collective worship this week, celebrating our work linked to signs and symbols. The children thought about how we would gather, the word, the response, the reflection and mission. It was a very thoughtful collective worship. Well done Year 2! Continue Reading

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