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The children throughout the school enjoyed African Day last week. The children came to school dressed in brightly coloured clothes and took part in a range of fun activities.

The morning began with an assembly led by Mrs Innerdale. She told us about her son who is working out in a school in Botswana in Africa at the moment. We are trying to help them fund raise some money to buy football kits, guitars and sports equipment for the children in his school.

The children took part in numerous fundraising activities throughout the day;

As well as some language activities in class with Mrs Innerdale.

Seascape Paintings

Year 2 have used the skills they have learnt over the past couple of weeks to create their own seascape paintings. First the children made a pale blue backwash as the background. The then used a selection of tools to mix different shades of blue and create wave patterns for the sea. The children then… Continue Reading

Right Angles

Year 2 have been learning about right angles in maths. the children made their own right angle catcher and then went on a right angle hunt around the school ground. Continue Reading

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