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Maths Outdoors

Year 2 have made the most of the warmer weather and enjoyed playing a variety of maths games outside. The children have played snakes and ladders, skittles, dominoes, ordering numbers on the washing line, noughts and crosses, hop scotch and how many hula hoops in a minute! Well done Year 2!

Representing 2 Digit Numbers

Year 2 have used dienes blocks and numicon to create various 2 digit numbers. The children know that the first number tells us how many tens the number has and the second number tells us how many ones. The children were then able to represent this with a written calculation. Well done Year 2! Continue Reading

Colour Mixing – Warm Colours

After looking at the paintings of the ‘Great Fire of London’ the children identified that both images had a warm glow in the sky. We discussed together the colours that made this glow and how we could create some of these shades of orange.  The children then had a go at mixing their own shades of orange… Continue Reading

Inspiration from the ‘greats’

Year 2 have looked very carefully at two paintings of the ‘Great Fire of London’. The names of the artist is unknown. The children began by looking at what they could see in the painting; buildings, people, river, bridge, cathedral. They looked at colours the artist had used and thought about words to not only describe… Continue Reading

Expanded Noun Phrases

Year 2 have created expanded noun phrases to describe various nouns from the Rainbow Fish story. The children know that a noun is a person, place or object. They know that an expanded noun phrase has 2 or 3 adjectives in front of the noun. They also discovered that a comma must come after the adjectives but… Continue Reading

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