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Florence Sketches

Year  2 have been sketching their own pictures of Florence Nightingale this week in art. The children have been thinking about how to shade, use lines, dots and hatching to create shadows, light and tones.

Everyone did very well and should feel very proud of their works of art!


Year 2 used the Bee Bots in Computing again this week. They were able to program the Bee Bot to do a particular task using the correct vocabulary; debug (if it goes wrong) and execute (when pressing go). The children were able to describe the order things needed to be done in order to make… Continue Reading

Stella Lane

In geography this term Year 2 are working on a topic called ‘Street Detectives’. This week the children went out onto Stella Lane to look at the land use in our immediate school environment. The children were able ti find a restaurant, a detached house, terraced houses, a pond, Church, flats, semi detached houses and… Continue Reading


In RE Year 2 have started a new thanksgiving topic. The children have thought carefully about times that they say thank you and the ways they can do this; saying it, giving a card, a gift, sending an email, being kind or being helpful. The children then listened to a story from the Bible where… Continue Reading

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