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Balloons Bonanza!

Year 2 had great fun on Friday when a visiting scientist came into school to explore balloons with the children. The children took part in many activities throughout the morning and had lots of fun.

They began by thinking about toys that are operated by balloons. Findlay told us all about his toy car which is pushed forwards when the air comes out of the balloon. David (the scientist) then showed us a helicopter and explained that the air leaving the balloon pushes the helicopter up into the air. The children could hear a squeaking sound as the air left the balloon, they noticed this was a higher pitch towards the end.

The children loved making a rocket using the balloon. The air forced the balloon along the string at a very fast speed. They also loved using the wind bags to make very large balloons. The children were very impressed at how quickly these became inflated.

Finally the children explored static electricity created by balloons. The children were able to attach the balloon to a wall, make their hair stick up, pick up paper and also separate salt and pepper.

Everyone had a really fun science lesson, and learnt lots. Thank you David!


Children in Need Collective Worship

Following Children in Need last week, Year 2 decided to plan a special collective worship to think about children in need in our country and around the world. They thought about children who are sick, homeless, don’t have their parents, don’t have nice toys to play with, don’t get food to eat each day and… Continue Reading

Using an Atlas

This week in geography, Year 2 have been using an atlas to try to locate Ethiopia and the Arctic. The children have been learning about different climatic zones and were were looking for countries located in hot and cold zones. Continue Reading

Algorithms – Beebots

Year 2 have also used the beebots to input algorithms. The children used the floor mats and had to direct their beebots to meet the target. Again the children had to think about the number of spaces to move and the direction of the turn. Continue Reading

Algorithms  – Lego Fix the Factory

Year 2 loved using the Ipads in computing to explore imputing algorithms. They used the programme ‘Lego fix the Factory’. They had to provide the robot with an algorithms to pick up the target and get to the finish line. The children had to think very careful about the direction of turn and the number… Continue Reading

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