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We were very lucky today to have a go at some Judo from two visiting coaches; John and Adam. The children took part in some fun games practicing some of the basic key skills.

A very special visitor!

Year 2 were very lucky on Monday to welcome Richard ‘that history bloke’ into class. Richard began to tell the children about Florence Nightingale. Luckily Richard’s time machine worked and Florence was able to come into class to see the children! Florence was very surprised to see girls at school! Floren explained about all the… Continue Reading

Pirate Pictures

Year 2 have worked hard this week in computing creating their own pirate pictures. First the children used the programme ‘Photo Simple’ to cut out their faces from a photograph. They then pasted this into ‘2 Paint a Picture’ and then drew their pirare costumes. Their pictures are fantastic! Continue Reading

Pirate Facts

Year 2 have been using the Internet this week to complete some independent research about pirates. Their task was to try to discover some facts about pirates. This is what they found out … Pirates are robbers who roam the seas They steal gold, silver and jewels. Some even stole food, medicine and soap. This… Continue Reading

Colour Mixing – sea colours

Year 2 have recently started their new art topic called ‘seascapes’. The children began by looking at some of the sea art work by Vincent Van Gogh and identify some of the colours he used in these pieces. The children then explored adding white to blue to create some tints and then adding blue to… Continue Reading

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