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Airport Day in Year 2!

Year 2 made a great effort with their costumes today. A great time was had by all in all the activities … Stella Airways song, catwalk, in flight meal and airport computing fun! Well done Year 2!

Paper Aeroplanes!

Year 2 carefully followed some instructions to make their own paper aeroplane. Having decorated their planes the children had great fun testing them outside and explored how they go try to make them got further! Continue Reading

Treasures Collective Worship

Year 2 have planned and led their own collective worship on Treasures. They thought about the world as God’s treasure as they listened to the creation story. Then they thought about themselves as God’s treasures. They know that God knows them and loves them just as He loves everyone. The children then thought about other… Continue Reading

Airport Animations

Year 2 have been working on creating their very own airport animations. The children were tasked with choosing their own theme; many children chose a plane taking off or landing, but a few children opted for airport security and check in. Well done Year 2 …. your animations are fantastic! Continue Reading

Seaside Holidays in the past

Year 2 have enjoyed looking at a variety of photographs to learn as much as they can about seaside holidays in the past. The children looked very closely and discovered things about the clothing, bathing machines, parasols, games they played, donkey rides, transport and how busy the beaches were. Continue Reading

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