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Fun In The Sun

Fun In The Sun

What a lovely week it has been and we’ve managed to spend time in the garden. We have been swinging, climbing, running and jumping.  We’ve had so much fun climbing on the tyres, going for a drive in the bus and making mud pies!


That’s me!

That’s me!

This week in nursery we have been been looking at ourselves.  What do we look like? Do we have the same hair as other people?  Are my eyes a different colour to yours?

We then painted a picture and made a collage of ourselves.

First week at nursery

First week at nursery

We’ve had a lovely week in nursery! The children are settling in very well and have made some lovely friends.  Here are some of the things we have been doing.


Nursery Home Learning – Thursday 16th July

Happy Thursday everyone!  I can’t quite believe this is the last day of school before the summer holiday.

I hope you are all enjoying being at home with your lovely family and have done some lovely things.

Here are a few jobs for you to do today.

Task 1 – Can you make a crown?  What do you think you will need?  Can you do it without any help from your grown up.  How will you stick it together?  Will it have any jewels on it?

Task 2 – It might be a good idea to read the story before doing this job.  Can you put these blankets in order please to help the Princess.

16.7.20 – task 2

Extra – Please get your pencil out and join the dots.

16.7.20 – extra

Today I am going to read the Princess and the Pea, it’s a fabulous story that I used to read with my little girl quite often.  I hope you enjoy it too.

It was lovely to see some of you on Monday, you all seem to have grown so much!  Mrs Lamb and I would like to thank you for the lovely gifts too, there was no need, but they are lovely and very thoughtful.

Stay safe, have fun and remember to stay active this holiday!

Enjoy your holiday and see you in September. x

Mrs Robinson