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With it being National Day this week, Year 3 have been looking at performing poems and creating some acrostic poems.

The children worked in pairs to learn and then perform a choice of poems. They had a great time and the poems were performed in many different ways.



Well done to our Year 5 & 6 football team who recently took part in the first round of Blaydon and District Cup. The boys played really well, winning 2 games and only losing 2 games.  Overall, we came second!  Fantastic sportmanship and skill.   Continue Reading

As part of our topic on the Stone Age, we have been creating a beautiful pastel picture of Stonehenge. We used smudging and blending to create some vibrate skylines with the pastels and then added our very own Stonehenge stones. Continue Reading

Year 3 have been working extremely hard with their dictionaries.  We’ve been looking at how to use alphabetical order to find the word  and have also realised that dictionaries do more than tell you how to spell a word.  Do you know what else they can be used for? Continue Reading

We spent today at the Great North Museum Hancock, exploring a fantastic Egyptian exhibit. We started the day looking at many different artefacts. There were mummies, jewellery, hieroglyphics, pots and may other things. We also played some games where we had to find something in the exhibition with a certain characteristic, such as wood or… Continue Reading

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