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Over the week, we have been having some great scientific fun and carried out a number of different experiments using things we could find at home.

Our first experiment involved getting raisins to dance. We used some lemonade and watched as the raisins moved around. We then talked about why we thought this happened.

Our second experiment involved making a lava lamp using water, food colouring, oil and salt. We watched as the oil that was on the top of the water was pushed to bottom and then moved back to the top. We found it fascinating! We discussed how this happened.

In our third experiment, we tried to make it rain a a rainbow, using shaving foam, food colouring and water. We watched as the drops of food colouring filled the ‘cloud’ and then fell like a rainbow of rain below.

Our last experiment saw us add food colouring to a plate of milk and watch some parts of it change colour. We talked about why it did not change colour like the water did. Then we added a drop of washing up liquid and whooosh!! the milk changed!

Thank you to all family of friends of St Mary & St Thomas Aquinas for joining us in our Lenten Assembly. We remembered what Lent is and also shared how we can help CAFOD this Lent by either giving something up or doing something extra and saving the money to give to CAFOD. Continue Reading

As part of our Erasmus Project, Year 3 have been designing and making kites. First we researched what a kite would look at, what different materials would be needed and its size. Then we thought about what a kite should not be made of. Working in small groups we used bamboo skewers and straws to… Continue Reading

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