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Police Visitors

We’ve had a couple of visitors in Nursery this week.  Two Policemen came to see us and tell us what they do to help.  They brought spare uniform and equipment for us to try and also let us sit in their police car and switch on the sirens and lights.

Open The Book

Today the  ladies from  Open the Book  joined us to  share the story of when Jesus was lost in the temple.  Mary  and  Joseph were so  worried and couldn’t  find  Him anywhere.  They returned  to  the  temple and found Him sitting with the elders.    Jesus said, “Why were you worried, I am here at my… Continue Reading

The Great Outdoors with Nursery

The cold and wet weather doesn’t stop us!   This week we have wrapped up warm and had some fantastic time outdoors. We’ve driven the bus to London, played with the chickens, built some huge towers, rode skateboards, jumped around and played on our balance bikes with our friends.    Continue Reading

First week back

What a busy week we have had! All of us have been making new friends and for some of us, we’ve also been settling into a new nursery, whilst the rest of us have been settling back into our routines.  It’s been great!      Continue Reading

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