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This week the children in Year 1 were challenged to weigh different items around the classroom using balance scales. The children weighed the objects using cubes which is a non-standard measure.

After this, the children were asked to compare the weights using key words such as ‘heaviest’, ‘lightest’, ‘heavier’ and ‘lighter’.


On Wednesday we were very lucky because a pilot came into school to talk to us about his job and how he became a pilot. He told us that it took him a long time to become a pilot and he studied very hard! He reminded us that if we work hard and try our… Continue Reading

As part of their R.E. topic about ‘neighbours’, Year 1 led a Collective Worship based on neighbours from around the world. The children prepared the Focal Point and the Collective Worship leaders shared their own prayers with the class. Each child presented a picture of a neighbour who is special to them and explained why.… Continue Reading

This week in Maths, Year 1 went outside to carry out different ‘turns’. The children were put into pairs and each child challenged their partner to carry out a quarter, half and whole turn. We also looked at directional language including ‘left’ and ‘right’. Great job Year 1!… Continue Reading

Recently we had a visit from lots of musicians who came into school to show us lots of different instruments. The musicians talked about each instrument, where it originated from and allowed the children to have a try. After everyone had a turn of each instrument, we all joined together to create a short piece… Continue Reading

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