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This week Year 1 planned their own collective worship around the theme of Pentecost.  We read the Pentecost story from the Bible and said some special prayers about the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  We used flames to remind us of the Holy Spirit and wrote words on the flames that reminded us of the Holy Spirit and Pentecost.

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Year 1 and Year 2 had lots of fun in PE this week.  We played lots of different field games such as throwing and catching the ball, sack races, hoola hooping and skipping.  We all had a go at each of the different activities, it was great fun! Continue Reading

Today our collective worship was all about the theme of Mary, Jesus’ mother.  During the month of May we think especially about Mary and how much she loved Jesus.  During our collective worship, we gathered together and said the Hail Mary, a special prayer all about Our Lady.  We listened to the story of Jesus… Continue Reading

Over the past 2 weeks Year 1 have really enjoyed reading the story of The Twits.  We have done lots of work in our English lessons about the story.  In ICT we made character profiles by describing what Mr and Mrs Twit are like.  We also used roleplay to play the roles of Mr and… Continue Reading

Today Year 1 planned and set up our own collective worship.  The children decided how they would like to set up the focal point and which music they would like to play.  We listened to the story of Jesus’ Baptism and talked about what happened.  Our collective worship was based around the theme of happiness,… Continue Reading

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