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Reception had a fantastic day with their special friends and their own teddy bear from home! We really enjoyed spending time with our special friends before they leave to go to secondary school. We enjoyed eating our picnic and chatting to our friends!

We had a lovely and special day, even though it rained in the morning, the sun came out in the afternoon for us!

We want to wish our special friends a huge good luck for their future. We would also like to say thank you for helping us and looking out for us during our first year at school!

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We really enjoyed practising for sports day today! We talked about the start line and finish line. We practised the running race, bean bag race, sack race and the egg and spoon race! We had so much fun and the weather was very sunny! Continue Reading

We have had a fantastic afternoon with the teachers from Shanghai and Miss Wilson! We were told all about the year of the monkey and made our own monkey face plates. We really enjoyed talking to the Chinese teachers. We also asked them lots of interesting questions! Continue Reading

We went back to the Gospel Garden this week to see if the fairies had been to visit us again. We found lots of little fairy doors and even a fairy’s tea party! There was a story left for us to read from the fairies called ‘The Bog Baby’. We really enjoyed reading the story… Continue Reading

We have really enjoyed the sunny weather this week in Reception. We have lots of new areas to keep us busy. We have been exploring in the investigation area looking for lots of different mini beasts using magnifying glasses and a recording sheet. We have had lots of fun using our water wall, exploring different… Continue Reading

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