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Year 1 Transition Task – Monday 6th July

Good Morning Reception!


My name is Miss O’Sullivan and I will be your class teacher in September. Miss Wilson has told me fantastic things about you all!

I would like you to get to know me a bit better. Here is some information all about me so you can get to know who I am better too.

All about Miss O’Sullivan

I am so excited to get to know you all better! I would like to know all about you 🙂

I would love you to fill in this ‘All About Me’ sheet all about you, your family, your favourite things and where you enjoy learning.

All about me transition

I am really looking forward to meeting you all properly in September.


lf you ask your parents to take a photograph of your work and email it to me at

If you have any questions about Year 1 which you would like answering, please comment below so I can reply.

Have a great day!

Miss O’Sullivan


Year 1 Home Learning – Friday 3rd July

Happy Friday everybody!

For this FriYAY you will be doing something a little bit different…

I would love you to write about a REAL life hero you know!

Heroes are kind, helpful and someone who puts your needs before their own.

You could write about your Mam, Dad, brother, sister, cousin, Grandparent, best friend… Anyone you think is a HERO!

They could have a job that helps people or help you every day!


Here’s a little pep talk all about everyday heroes 🙂


Here are some fun activities for you to do at home all about SUPERHEROES!

Superhero Themed Craft Activity Pack


Have a fantastic Friday and a lovely weekend!

Miss O’Sullivan

Year 1 Home Learning – Thursday 2nd July

Good Morning Year 1,


Today is very exciting because…… We will be starting to plan our story!!

Use this planning sheet to help you English 2.7

We will be making comic strips to help create your stories. I have put this template of a Comic strip to have a go at.

You might want to draw pictures of each part of your story from beginning to end. Underneath you could add a sentence to say what is happening in your picture.


In Maths we are carrying on with multiplication. We are going to try some repeated addition to help us. Maths 02.07

If you need any more help with repeated addition have a look on youtube: NCETM The use of a repeated addition expression to represent equal groups.


Make sure you are practising your spellings. Have a go at a column today, you could even try covering the words over to see if you spell them correctly!


Have a good day!

Miss O’Sullivan

Year 1 Home Learning – Wednesday 1st July

Happy 1st July!!

I hope you are enjoying our superhero topic!


You have created your superhero. Today you will be making a villain!

Can you make a wanted poster for a villain? English 01.07

Your hero and villain will be the two main characters of the story we will be beginning to write.


For today’s Maths you will be learning about equal and unequal groups. Watch this video to help you:

Maths 1.7 You could have a go at home with some plates and identical objects! Can you have a go at making some equal groups?

Phonics 01.07 we are carrying on with the u-e, ue, ew sound. This game will help practise reading these words.

Have a lovely day,

Miss O’Sullivan

Year 1 Home Learning – Tuesday 30th June

Good Morning Year 1!


For today I would like you to think about your own superhero identity. What super powers would you like to have?!

Think about what superhero name you would like, what costume you would wear and what powers would you have.

English 30.05

For an extension, could you take photos of yourself being a ‘superkid‘ at home!

A superkid is someone who does super helpful things to help others! So you could tidy your room, help do the dishes etc.

Then write a sentence about what you are doing next to your picture so I know what you’ve been doing SUPER!!!


For Maths we are trying multiplication and division. This first lesson is multiplication, all about repeated addition.

Maths 30.06 If you would like an active lesson, try this activity out! Maths 30.06 Active


Let’s try using the u, ew, ue and u-e sound in sentences 🙂

Phonics 30.06

Have a great day,

Miss O’Sullivan