Catholic Life

First Holy Communion

Today was a special day, children from Year 4 celebrated their First Holy Communion. Since September the children have been preparing themselves for this special day. First Holy Communion is a wonderful moment in a child’s life and represents a sign of growth in the knowledge and love of God for each and every child.

A huge thank you to Father Rose, Miss White, Mrs Wilders, the Catechists and all school staff that have guided and supported the children on their journey to this day.

Stained Glass

Year Six are really pleased with the finished stained glass, for the school chapel, that they designed. It was lovely to come back to school after the Easter break to see the bright colours streaming in.

Residential Retreat

We are thoroughly enjoying ourselves on our residential retreat. The theme of the retreat is ‘Step Back.’ Out of all that God created, we are his favourite! Today, through lots of fun activities we have been reminded of how important we are. Look at us having fun with our friends!