Catholic Life

Fairtrade Fortnight 2019

Fairtrade Fortnight runs from 25th February until 10th March this year and so is straight after half term!

This year’s campaign is about ensuring that cocoa farmers are paid fairly for their work and are able to live a dignified life.

Can you “Bake with a Difference” for Fairtrade?

We will be having a competition to see who can bake the tastiest cake or biscuits with the most delicious Fairtrade ingredients. If you want to enter please collect a form from the office from Friday 15th February.

Please bring in your cakes on Monday 4th March when they will be judged and prizes awarded.

At 2.30 pm on that day our Mini Vinnies will host a Big Brew Coffee Afternoon when the cakes will be available to buy.  Please come along and support Fairtrade!


Year 5 Residential – Youth Ministry Retreat at Emmaus Youth Village

Year 5 Residential – Youth Ministry Retreat at Emmaus Youth Village

Year 5 had an absolutely fantastic time on their residential this week! The theme of the retreat was “Shine” understanding that we all have a light inside of us and talents from God, and we need to use those to let our lights shine. We spent our time with another group of children who were also a Year 5 class from St. Joseph’s near Weatherby. Creating new friendships and taking part in the wonderful activities we learnt new songs, dances and reflected upon scripture, allowing us to understand that God’s most favourite thing is us.

Play Fair for Fairtrade!

Today, our Mini Vinnies presented an assembly about footballs and Fairtrade.  We have recently bought some Fairtrade footballs and rugby balls and wanted to tell everyone about why we bought them. Did you know that  40 million footballs are made every year? Also 3 out of every 4 footballs are made in Pakistan in villages around Sialkot. Many of the balls are stitched by hand and an experienced stitcher can make up to 5 a day. The stitchers do not earn enough to feed their familes and send their children to school.

However, a stitcher making a Fairtade football earns almost twice as much per ball as they do for a non-Fairtrade football. In addition, some of what you pay for the football goes to health, education and business projects that aim to help the families earn a living wage from stitching

Sadly, only 5 out of every 100 footballs are Fairtrade balls and if more people asked for Fairtrade balls, Talon and other football makers would be happy to make them and pay their workers a living wage.

Choosing today to buy Fairtrade is  a very good way for us to say thank you for all the good things we have.


Children in Need Collective Worship

Children in Need Collective Worship

Following Children in Need last week, Year 2 decided to plan a special collective worship to think about children in need in our country and around the world. They thought about children who are sick, homeless, don’t have their parents, don’t have nice toys to play with, don’t get food to eat each day and don’t have nice clothes to wear.

The children began by writing their own prayer of thanks to God for things they have. They then brought this to the circle and placed it on the heart as part of the response to the Word.

Mini Vinnies visit Joe’s Place

Last Wednesday, some Mini Vinnies visited Joe’s Place in Gateshead to donate bags of food items  which Year 5 had collected for their Harvest Assembly.

Joe’s Place opens on a Wednesday in St Joseph’s church hall to offer a hot meal, snacks and company to homeless people in the North East. The children learned about the work of Joe’s Place and found out which foods would be the most useful to collect. In addition, Joe’s place will be having a Christmas Party for the homeless on the 19th December and will be giving each person attending a gift of toiletries.

If  you can help, please send in a toiletry item such as soap, toothbrush/paste, shower gel or deodorant to the school office.

The Mini Vinnies will ensure they are delivered to Joe’s Place in time for the party.