Catholic Life


Today, we arrived at Allensford for our YMT retreat. The theme of this retreat is that God always shows his love and light to us. We have been exploring this theme and have completed various activities throughout the day on this theme.


Prayer Writing

For our Easter cards this year, Year 4 decided to write their own Easter Prayer, we had some quiet reflection time and imagined how it would feel to witness Jesus’ resurrection. We thought of words like ‘light’, ‘warmth’ and ‘love’ from this we were able to create our own prayer for our loved ones.

We also used our blending of colour skills for the card design, selecting colours that compliment each other to create a really effective front cover. Well done Year 4.

Banana split – Fair trade

Year six have been looking at the effect of fair trade on the price of bananas ! They all assumed the role of one of the individuals involved in growing, shipping, selling and buying bananas, arguing their stake of the money from the sale of each banana. They were surprised at the inequality of distribution without the influence of Fairtrade and saw the value of this organisation.


Glass Poppies

As part of the development of our Gospel garden, Year Six have begun to make some glass poppies. These poppies will have pride of place as a remembrance section to the garden. We look forward to seeing the finished product in the next few weeks.