Collective Worship

Year 1 Collective Worship


Year 1’s collective worship was all about ‘Teachers’. It’s important to have good teachers. Parents are the first and foremost educators – others can also teach us so much about what really matters in life. We all spoke about something we have learnt and how it was a good and right thing. We talked about how we could show our appreciation to all those who teach us. We said being a good learner is listening carefully, do the right things and saying thank you.

Love liturgy

Year Six organised a liturgy on the theme of Love.

Part of that liturgy was a rousing rendition of ‘This little light of mine.’ It reminds us how powerful love can be . . .

“The light that shines is the light of love
lights the darkness from above
its shines on me and it shines on you
and shows what the power of love can do
im gonna shine my light both far and near
im gonna shine my light both bright and clear
and when there’s a dark corner in this land
im gonna let my little light shine.”

Nursery Collective Worship


Today, in our collective worship, we talked about the Feast of our Lady. The children discussed how Mary was Jesus’ mummy and that Joseph was her husband. The boys and girls joined in saying the Hail Mary and then we all sang ‘a gift to you’ After this, we blew out the candle and watched the smoke rise to heaven.