Collective Worship

Year 1 – Being a Good Neighbour!

On Wednesday Year 1 presented their final assembly to Year 2, Reception and all their family members. The theme of this assembly was about being a good neighbour and that means not just to the people who live next door to us but to the whole world! We used the story of the Good Samaritan from Luke’s Gospel to explain that Jesus wants us all to love each other as we love ourselves.

You all had brilliant speaking voices, fantastic acting and the singing was amazing. I’m very proud of you all!

Year 1- Being Sorry…

Today Year 1 planned and delivered their Collective Worship on ‘Being Sorry’. This was linked to our new topic in RE about Reconciliation. The children used the story of Zacchaeus from their lessons to share within their Collective Worship. Some of our leaders wrote their own prayers and asked the class to think about a time where they made a wrong choice and asked God for his forgiveness.


Pentecost Day Collective Worship

Today Year 2 led a very thoughtful collective worship with the theme of ‘Pentecost’. The children began by blessing themselves with warm holy water and thought carefully about how the disciples felt on Pentecost day. Once we listened to the Word the children then wrote a thank you prayer to the Holy Spirit on a small flame. We ended by singing the hymn ‘I will be with you’.

Promises Collective Worship

Promises Collective Worship

Last week Year 2 decided to plan and deliver a collective worship with the theme of ‘promises’. The children chose this theme because just before the annunciation, Jesus promised his disciples that he would never leave them.

The children therefore began to think about promises and how , if we make a promise we should always try to keep it, just like Jesus. The children decide to drop a pebble into the water and make a special promise to Jesus.

Here are the children planning their collective worship.

The children then led and took part in the worship.


Year 1 – Praying the Rosary…

As it is the month of May, in Collective Worship this week Year 1 prayed the Rosary. We remembered the joyful times in Mary’s life like when the Angel appeared to her to tell her she was to have a baby and when she visited her cousin Elizabeth. We prayed the Hail Mary using rosary beads and asked Mary to take our prayers to Jesus in heaven.