Collective Worship

Good Friday Collective Worship

Good Friday Collective Worship

Year 2 planned and led a beautiful collective worship on Friday focusing on Good Friday.

The children thought about what happened to Jesus on Good Friday and how he would have felt. The children thought carefully about what we learn from Good Friday – Jesus showed us how to be brave, have courage, never give up, trust in God and do as God wants.

The children then shared what they had written on their crosses which explained how Jesus has helped them through what happened on Good Friday.


Mothers Day Assembly

Mothers Day Assembly

Year 2 led a beautiful Mothers Day Assembly last week about Mothers Day. The children explained what usually happens on Mothers Day and whey we have this special day. They then thought about a very well known mother that we hear about in the Bible – Mary, the mother of Jesus. They thought about the special qualities she has and thought about how their mothers also display these qualities.


This week we have been looking at The Stations of the Cross and remembering what happened to Jesus.  We talked about how Jesus, and those around him, would be feeling and we thought about what we could take from this.

We also remembered what our Lenten promises were and came up with some ideas of how we could keep them going right up until Easter.


Lent Collective Worship


Year 4 took part in a collective worship about Lent in the Gospel Garden. We looked at the different stations of the cross and reflected on these through thoughtful prayer. The children discussed ways in which we can make sure we are kind to each other and how they might have felt if they had been in the crowd. They finished the lesson with a prayer thanking Father for Jesus.