Collective Worship

Treasures Collective Worship

Treasures Collective Worship

Year 2 have planned and led their own collective worship on Treasures. They thought about the world as God’s treasure as they listened to the creation story. Then they thought about themselves as God’s treasures. They know that God knows them and loves them just as He loves everyone. The children then thought about other things that are their treasures; things that are special and precious to them. The children brought in their treasures from home to place on the focal point.

Year 1 – Love your Neighbour…

As part of their R.E. topic about ‘neighbours’, Year 1 led a Collective Worship based on neighbours from around the world. The children prepared the Focal Point and the Collective Worship leaders shared their own prayers with the class. Each child presented a picture of a neighbour who is special to them and explained why. They took these home to remind them that God wants us to love our neighbours as we love ourselves!

Friendship Collective Worship


Year 4 decided they wished to carry out a Collective Worship on the theme of friendship. They chose calming music for the background, gathered in a circle and passed around a pebble while they stated the qualities they have which make a good friend. They wrote their own prayer and decided that they would be kind to others around school as a way of showing friendship.


Saying Sorry

Saying Sorry

This week Year 2 have planned and led their own collective worship with the theme ‘saying sorry’. The children thought about times they have sinned. They thought about sins that they ‘think’, ‘say’ and do.

The children were invited to drop a pebble into some water, as they did this they said sorry to God.

Mini-beast Collective Worship in Nursery!

Today in Collective worship we thanked God for all the mini-beasts we have in the world. We drew a picture of our favourite mini-beast to put on our focal point.

We set up our focal area with the bible, the cross, our candle, pictures of the butterfly life-cycle and our very own live caterpillars!

One by one we went up and placed our picture on the focal point and thanked God for our favourite mini-beast.

We then thanked God by saying a prayer;

“Lord God, Thank you for the shiny beetles, squirmy worms and slimy slugs. Amen.”

We then blew our candle and watched the smoke go up to heaven.