Fairtrade Council

Year 1 – Fairtrade Day

Today Year 1 celebrated Fairtrade as part of Fairtrade fortnight. The children were encouraged to come to school in fairtrade colours and enjoyed a range of fun activities. These included a fairtrade tuckshop, fairtrade swap and making lots of different things! Year 1 even used some fairtrade fruit to make their own delicious fruit kebabs!

Fairtrade Friday!

On Friday we celebrated the end of ‘Fairtrade Fortnight’. We all came to school wearing Fairtrade colours.

We started the day by talking about what Fairtrade means. Miss Wilson explained that the person who grows the banana gets £1.00 as does the person who picks the bananas and the person who drives the bananas to our big shops. But the shop keeper gets £5.00 for selling the bananas in his big shop. We decided that it wasn’t fair! We said that if we give them all £2.00 it would be fair because they would all have the same! Miss Wilson explained that Fairtrade makes sure that everyone is given a fair amount of money for the job that they do so they can buy the things that they need like food and clothes.

We enjoyed making Fairtrade banana smoothies in small groups. We searched for the Fairtrade symbol on the bag of bananas and we found it really quickly! We all had fun chopping and blending the bananas into a delicious smoothie! It smelt and tasted delicious.

We had fun setting up our own Fairtrade Tuckshop and we all had the chance to go and buy a tasty treat for snack time! At snack time we all had fun searching for the Fairtrade symbol on our snack bar.

We ended the day with our Fairtarde swap. We all brought in a Fairtrade item and they were adde to our class raffle. At the end of the day we each picked a raffle ticket and we had to find our prize!

Next time you’re shopping why not see what Fairtrade things you can find?

Fair Trade swap

It was great to have a Fair Trade swap as part of our Fair Trade day. It was amazing to see how many products could be Fairtrade and the choice that was actually available. But the best part was swapping with our friends.