Fairtrade Council

Assembly about the Sustainable Development Goals

Matthew Wilders, a past pupil of St. Mary & St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School has been on a VSO placement to Kenya from October to December 2018.  On Friday Matthew came back to school to talk to the children in KS2 about his placement and about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.  These goals tackle a whole range of issues, from gender inequality to climate change. The unifying thread throughout the 17 goals  is their commitment to ending poverty throughout the world.  The children were asked to think about how their treatment of other people and their lifestyle choices impact the SDGs and to pledge to make changes: from treating everyone fairly and equally, reducing wastage, eliminating plastic packaging, and buying Fairtrade.  They were also encouraged to get involved in global issues they feel passionate about.  


We are a FairAchiever School!

We are delighted to say that after submitting our evidence, we have contacted by the Fairtrade Foundation to say that they have awarded us with ‘FairAchiever’ status once again because of the outstanding quality of the school’s work and commitment to Fairtrade.

We showed that we continue to learn about Fair Trade in the classroom, use Fairtrade products and take action to promote Fairtrade in the school and wider community.

Thank you to everyone in the School who has learnt about, promoted and taken action for Fairtrade!

Cloud Tea Monkeys

For Fairtrade fortnight, Year 4 have been reading a book called Cloud Tea Monkeys. The book began with the arrival of monkeys in the classroom, they then smelt a variety of teas and had to work out what the new book might be about. We read through the book and the children have participated in a range of English tasks based on it. They used their inference and prediction skills throughout the book. The book also linked well to Fairtrade and we were able to research the working conditions for the tea pickers and had some interesting conversations about, ‘what is Fairtrade’. The children have been able to use the ICT suite to research some faraway destinations which they can then write their own stories about.

Fairtrade Fortnight – Year 3

During Fairtrade Fortnight, we have joined in with the Great Stella Bake Off.

The children were challenged with making a cake using Fairtrade ingredients.  We received 7 fantastic entries.  Well done to everyone who took part.

We’ve also spent some time this week looking at the different products that could be Fairtrade.  We’ve played our own version of snakes and ladders and found out how we could make the Fairtrade process more successful and also how to make it worse.  We played another game trying to collect the different Fairtrade products and discussed whether or not we see them often enough in our local supermarkets.

In our English lessons, we’ve also written to our local supermarkets to ask what Fairtrade foods they sell and if they would consider selling more.

Mini Vinnies’ Fairtrade Bakesale

On Monday 4th March, as part of our Fairtrade Fortnight celebrations,  Mini Vinnies organised a Fairtrade Bakesale.

There was a fantastic array of cakes together with Fairtrade Tea and Coffee.  Thank you to everyone who prepared the cakes and biscuits and to everyone who came along to support the event. A special thank you to Reception Class for baking delicious Fairtrade chocolate chip cookies.

In total, £125 was raise and will be sent to  Traidcraft and the Fairtrade Foundation who support farmers in poor communities to make the world a better, fairer place by fighting injustice in trade.