Fairtrade Council

Year 4 – Fairtrade Friday

Year 4 took some time to think about Fairtrade, we focused our attention on one product in particular. Chocolate is one of the worlds most favourite foods but growing cocoa is a hard task. We looked closely at all of the different people that are needed to produce chocolate, we were all assigned a role and using a ball of string we connected with one another to show the route needed to end up at the chocolate you see in the shops today. We discovered that all of the different people from the farmers to the factory workers all have to work together to get the best results and that if one area suffers it has an effect on the others.

Year 1 – Fairtrade…

Today Year 1 celebrated Fairtrade Fortnight by wearing their own clothes based on the three colours found in the Fairtrade logo; black, green and blue. The children got to buy raffle tickets to win Fairtrade prizes, buy items from our Fairtrade tuck shop and took part in lots of different activities.

They enjoyed making crispy cakes using Fairtrade chocolate, played snakes and ladders which explained what Fairtrade was all about and designed a Fairtrade poster to display in class. Great job Year 1!

Fairtrade Friday in Reception

Today we celebrated Fairtrade Friday in school. We watched a video of Pablo the Banana to learn about what Fairtrade means and how we know if products are Fairtrade. We visited the school Fairtrade tuck shop this morning and had some Fairtrade treats. This afternoon, we used Fairtrade bananas to make our own Fairtrade smoothies. They were delicious!

Fairtrade Focus Day 10th March 2017

Fairtrade Fortnight is from 27th February until 12th March.

This year, the theme is about Fairtrade Breaks and we will be learning about about the fact that many of the farmers and workers who grow our food don’t earn enough to feed their families.  We will be looking at why it is important to look out for foods with Fairtrade Mark.

On Friday the children can come into school wearing the colours of Fairtrade (see the Fairtrade sign below). During the day there will be fairtrade activities and lessons as well as a Fairtrade Tuck shop and raffle.

Join thousands across the country this Fairtrade Fortnight and put Fairtrade in your breaks by choosing Fairtrade foods!