Home Learning Year 2

Online Safety During Lockdown

Online Safety During Lockdown

During our home learning we are all using the Internet a great deal more. We are all enjoying the benefits it offers by keeping in touch with loved ones, accessing learning at home, sharing experiences and discovering new opportunities. With this in mind, I would like to remind all of our community members (pupils, parents, carers)  how we can keep ourselves safe while working and playing online.

For pupils: I would like to remind you of our school E-Safety rules and how these can keep you safe.

Key Stage 2 – Remember SMART (click the word SMART below)


The Key Stage 2 song:

Watch the SMART Crew film


Key Stage 1 and Early Years

For Parents/ Carers:

Below you will find information to support you with any worries or advice about keeping your child safe while they are at home. You will find links to key resources and organisations.

#OnlineSafetyAtHome Every fortnight CEOP will be issuing new home activity packs. Each pack will contain simple 15-minute activities parents can do at home with their child using the Thinkuknow resources.  Click on this link for the resources.




Please stay safe.

Mr Craig

Year 2 Home Learning – Friday 22nd May

Happy Friday Year 2!

For your learning tasks today we will have a focus on 2D shapes. Remember 2D shapes are flat shapes.

Before you look at any of the information, set yourself a challenge … How many 2D shapes can you remember ? Do you remember any of their properties? How many sides do they have? How many vertices?

For your first shape task I’d like you to go on a shape hunt. When you go out for your daily walk (with an adult) I’d like you to investigate how many different 2D shapes you see? I’d like you to record these as a tally and frequency chart and then when you get home you can create a bar chart to show how many shapes you spotted.

2D SHAPES revision   SHAPE HUNT 22.05

Then I’d like you to be creative with 2D shapes and I’d like you to try to draw some different pictures using just 2D shapes.

Within this task, I’ve set you a challenge! Linked to our Erasmus flight topic I’d like you to have a go at creating an aircraft picture either an aeroplane or a helicopter using just 2D shapes. Give it a go!

2D shape pictures

Have lots of fun and be creative!

Have a wonderful half term holiday. Your home learning tasks will begin again on Monday 1st June.

Take care and keep safe!

Mrs Gourley 🙂

Year 2 Home Learning – Thursday 21st May

Good morning Year 2!

Today in English I’d like you to look at adjectives. Remember an adjective is a word that describes a noun.


In maths I’d like you to calculate one of my messages.


I have uploaded a handwriting video. Today we will look at forming the letter h and b.

Make sure you take your time and watch the video very carefully. It may be a good idea to keep pausing the video and rehearsing the letters and groups of letters as I go through them.

Finally as an extra challenge … How many squares can you spot?

How Many Squares Are There? With The Correct Answer (met ...

Hope you have a great day! Work hard but have fun too!

Mrs Gourley 🙂

VE Day Celebrations 2020

VE Day Celebrations – May 8th 2020

We have updated our VE Day video which highlights our school community uniting together with the nation to celebrate and mark this historic, victorious day.

Thank you once again for all of your photographs.




Year 2 Home Learning – Wednesday 20th May

Happy Wednesday Year 2!

Today your tasks include a comprehension activity in English where you have some multiple choice questions and you  tick the correct answer.


In maths you have another number challenge. You need to place the digits 1-6 around the edge of a triangle so that each side adds up to make the total 11. I’m sure you’ll manage it very well.


Finally I have a ‘How many words’ activity. This week you need to try to create as many words as possible using the letters from my name ‘Mrs Gourley’ I’d love to know how many words you are able to make, but also what is the longest word you can create. Good luck!


Have a great day!

Mrs Gourley 🙂