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Kandinsky African Art!

Kandinsky African Art!

Year 2 have looked at the work of the Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky. They discovered that when he listened to music he could see colours. He tries to represent what he heard through shapes, lines and colours to produce a distinctive abstract art.

Year 2 have listened to some African music and tried to create an image in Kandinsky’s abstract style.

Well done Year 2! Your finished art work was very impressive!

Year 1 – Africa Day!

Yesterday was a really exciting day in school as it was Africa day! We all dressed up for the occasion by coming into school in our brightest clothes.

The children had great fun with lots of different activities including making a fruit smoothie based on the fruits from Handa’s Surprise (a book set in Africa), designing African masks, weaving and taking part in various competitions like penalty shootout, guess the name of the teddy and estimate the number of sweets in the jar.

A great day was had by all! Take a look…

Tinga Tinga Art

As part of African day, Year Six explored Tinga Tinga Art. Named after an African artist called Edward Tingatinga, this style of art became very popular with tourists who visited Africa. Its stylised animals and bright colours made it really fun to replicate.