International Links

Chinese New Year

To celebrate Chinese New Year, year 5 made there own Chinese inspired fans. We used traditional colours and different painting techniques, along with cutting and sticking, to create a classic Chinese patterned fan.

Chinese New Year

To celebrate the Chinese New Year we decided to make some printed Chinese Lanterns.

First we created a print design on yellow or red card using sponges. When it was dry, we then made the right cuts and made a fabulous lantern.

Fascinating Balloons

Year 5 had a visit from David this week, a scientist, who gave us a brilliant workshop all about balloons. David discussed forces, how balloons can blow up other balloons. Friction, looking at how balloons can pick things up and finally balloon races. Year 5 were blown away by this experience. Thank you David.

Balloons Bonanza!

Balloons Bonanza!

Year 2 had great fun on Friday when a visiting scientist came into school to explore balloons with the children. The children took part in many activities throughout the morning and had lots of fun.

They began by thinking about toys that are operated by balloons. Findlay told us all about his toy car which is pushed forwards when the air comes out of the balloon. David (the scientist) then showed us a helicopter and explained that the air leaving the balloon pushes the helicopter up into the air. The children could hear a squeaking sound as the air left the balloon, they noticed this was a higher pitch towards the end.

The children loved making a rocket using the balloon. The air forced the balloon along the string at a very fast speed. They also loved using the wind bags to make very large balloons. The children were very impressed at how quickly these became inflated.

Finally the children explored static electricity created by balloons. The children were able to attach the balloon to a wall, make their hair stick up, pick up paper and also separate salt and pepper.

Everyone had a really fun science lesson, and learnt lots. Thank you David!


Year 1 – Science with balloons!

Today Year 1 had a very special visitor called David. He used to be a Science teacher and wanted to teach us some amazing experiments which you can do with balloons. David was really good at explaining the science behind the experiments.

The best thing is that David did not use any special equipment or apparatus, he used simple things you can find around your house! Year 1 really enjoyed watching, taking part and learning about the science in the different activities with the balloons!

This visit links really well with our whole school Erasmus International project based on ‘Flying High in Europe’ which has a special science focus!

Who thinks they could carry out their own experiment at home?