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Kite fun! – Year 2 and Year 5

Kite fun! – Year 2 and Year 5

On Monday, Year 2 and Year 5 got together to have a go at making their own kites.

The children were given all of the equipment and followed a simple diagram to construct their own kite. With lots of success they then then outside to have a go at flying them.

With little wind, the children had to run across the field and were delighted when they did fly!

Well done everyone – great teamwork!

Visitors from Spain

Visitors from Spain

This week we welcomed Miss Maria and Miss Esther from Spain. They spent the week observing English, phonics and reading lessons in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Miss Maria and Miss Esther very much enjoyed their time at St. Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas. They were impressed at the standard and level of the children’s work and have taken many good ideas back to their own school in Spain.

Erasmus Kite Making

As part of the Erasmus project, scientist David has returned to make kites with some of the children. Year 4 took part in the activities. We watched films of kite festivals and looked at the shapes and designs of kites which informed our discussions of a good kite. The children were then read a story about a bear and a kite which they enjoyed. Following this, the children began making their own kites. The kites were a range of colours with tails to attach. The children were then given the opportunity to fly their kites on the school playground in order to see if their designs had worked.


Let’s go Fly a Kite!

As part of our Erasmus Project, Year 3 have been designing and making kites.

First we researched what a kite would look at, what different materials would be needed and its size. Then we thought about what a kite should not be made of.

Working in small groups we used bamboo skewers and straws to make the frames for the kites. We then used a range of materials like tissue paper, newspaper, cellophane, cling-film, corrugated card and tissue paper to cover the frame.

We weren’t sure which ones would fly and which ones wouldn’t.  And then we tested them.

Kite Making with the experts

Today we have been making proper kites using a kite kit. We built the kite using plastic, plastic straws, sticky tape and string.

It took us quite a while to build the kites and then the fun really happened when we went outside to fly them.

Some kites flew better than others and we discussed why we thought that was. These kites had better tails, were more symmetrical and had good folds.

What a lovely time we’ve had.