International Links

In-Flight Meals

As part of our Erasmus project, year 5 have been designing their very own “In-Flight Meal” for an airline to promote. We decided to create a healthy option for passengers to enjoy, with a set menu that could be selected during any flight. The idea of these menus is to promote the importance of nutrition and a balanced diet with a range of healthy eating. Well done Year 5!

Flight paths through Europe

Year 5 felt it was really important for us to know exactly where our Erasmus partners lived in Europe. We used grid referencing on a map of Europe to locate all of the schools from our project. We then took this information and cross referenced it with atlas work to locate the specific towns. Finally, we then researched different flight paths between all of these placing, we discovered that most routes would have to go through Paris or Amsterdam airports before arriving at their final destination. Well done Year 5!

Year 1 – Ready for take off…

On Wednesday we were very lucky because a pilot came into school to talk to us about his job and how he became a pilot. He told us that it took him a long time to become a pilot and he studied very hard! He reminded us that if we work hard and try our best at school we can reach our goals and have our ‘dream’ job.

The children had lots of questions about the aircraft he flies and about the airport.

Year 1 – Ready for takeoff!

This week we were very lucky to have a British Airways Cabin Crew member come into school. The children were each given different roles which are carried out not only on an aircraft but also in the airport. The children had to use their best acting skills and act out different scenarios. Our visitor showed us what each role entailed and how she was trained to deal with them. This day linked well with our international project, Erasmus.

The children had a fantastic time and say thank you to our visitor!