Mini Vinnies

CAFOD in LENT by Mini Vinnies

As a school we have decided to try and raise money for CAFOD  to help all the people in the world who aren’t as fortunate as we are and don’t have the things we take for granted. A man from CAFOD visited school and told us that the Amazon rainforest is being destroyed and people are losing their homes. He said one football pitch of rainforest is lost a minute which is bad for the rainforest and the climate. Did you know that 2p can vaccinate 10 children against life threatening diseases? 20p to 50p will buy a mosquito net to keep children safe from malaria and if you have £1 or £2 it can help provide clean water for families. Please help those who are less fortunate. We will have a collection box in the office, please give what you can.

Jamie and Katie  ( Mini Vinnies)




Rosary for the Month of October

Throughout the month of October, our Mini Vinnies are praying a decade of the Rosary every day at lunchtime. Everyone is welcome to join in.This week many children have taken the opportunity to pray.

The month of October each year is dedicated to the Holy Rosary. The feast day of Our Lady of the Rosary is celebrated on October 7th



Postcards of Kindness

A group of Mini Vinnies visited Hadrian House last Friday to help residents reply to the Postcards of Kindness which they received. The residents and the children really enjoyed each other’s company.

Postcards of Kindness is a wonderful project where people have the chance to send holiday postcards to care home residents giving them wonderful messages to read from across the world.


Reception meet the Minnie Vinnie’s

Reception meet the Minnie Vinnie’s

Reception were visited by two of our Minnie Vinnie’s from Year 6. They came to Reception to tell us all about the Minnie Vinnie’s and what they do.

The Minnie Vinnie’s told us that they had organised a coffee afternoon to raise money for Macmillan cancer support. Reception decided that they wanted to help the Minnie Vinnie’s and decided to make crispy cakes.


Reception listened very carefully as they followed the recipe for baking. Some of the Minnie Vinnie’s even came to help us make our special cakes for the coffee afternoon.


We enjoyed taking our donation down to the hall and we were really pleased that we helped the Minnie Vinnie’s!