CCC… Cooking Crunchy Crispy Cakes

In Nursery, we have been looking at the letter c. We are also looking at birthdays. We have been putting c words in our treasure chest, making a stamp picture of Colin the Caterpillar and also making crunchy crispy cakes for our party.

Advent Preparations

Nursery have been talking about Advent. We’ve changed the cloth on our focal area to purple, have decorated our trees and talked about what Advent is.  We’ve also made an Advent wreath and are counting down the days with our Advent calendar.

Scrambled Eggs!

The nursery children made scrambled  eggs outdoors this week!  We  were amazed by how they could change from a hard shell to a soft sticky liquid when we cracked them  open. We mixed them very carefully  and  then cooked  them,  they were  delicious. The chickens even tried to taste them.