Hearty came to visit us in Nursery!

Yesterday we were lucky enough to be invited to a special assembly about a special visitor we had in school. We also got to have a special visitor in our nursery as well!

Our special visit was called Bibiana and she told us all about how she lived in a house on wheels. Then when we went to assembly we found out more about her home and that they called their home on wheels Hearty!

After the assembly we got to go and look at Hearty and we saw all the different pictures an artist had painted onto Hearty. Then we got to pick our favourite one!

Bibana also really enjoyed playing in our garden, we showed her all of our lovely toys!

We really enjoyed meeting Bibana, her parents and Hearty, we hope they will come visit us again!

Picnic Time!

Yesterday, since the weather was sunny and bright, we decided that we would have our lunch outside on a picnic blanket.

We all sat down on the grass and had our lunches together, we really enjoyed having a chat to our friends while we were eating!

Airport Day in Nursery!

Today in Nursery we have really enjoyed Airport Day!

We have been out in our garden pretending our bus is a plane looking out onto the sea! We have also been running round the yard pretending to be aeroplanes and making the “n” sound.

Then we joined the rest of the big boys and girls on the Key Stage 2 yard to be part of the whole school video!

We have also had our lunch on trays like you would on the aeroplane, this was really fun!

We have also listened to a story all about a little boy called Jack who went on his holidays and what he did at the airport. After that we got to play with the pop up model of the airport and pretend to be Jack!

As well as all these exciting things, we got to release our butterflies and watch them fly away!

I)We have had a fantastic day all dressed up as different people from the airport.