African Day

African Day

African Day got off to a great start with a whole school assembly led by Mrs Innerdale.

Mrs Innerdale told us a little bit about the continent Africa and then showed us where Cameron will be working next year and the types of activities he will do.


Lots of fundraising activities took place throughout the day … penalty shootout, cake sale, raffle, guess teddy’s name, guess the number of sweets and nail painting. It was a great success!

After many African themed activities in class, the children then came back together in the hall for a final assembly. The raffle prizes were drawn and winner announced.

Well done and thank you everyone!

Chop stick dance

Miss Sarah and Miss Jean came to nursery and taught us a dance using chopsticks. We held 4 chopsticks in each hand and tapped them together following Miss Jean and Miss Sarah.They left us the chopsticks and we have been performing on our outside stage.


Nursery have been working very hard trying to be kind, helpful and loving to each other. Under our focal area tree we each have a leaf with our name on and we earn a blossom when we have tried to grow in love to be more like Jesus.

Garden birds.

Nursery have been observing the birds that visit our garden. We have learnt the names of the most common birds that we see everyday. We used a tally chart to make a mark every time we saw  a bird then counted up the marks to find out how many birds had visited the garden. We made bird seed cakes, cut up fruit to encourage the birds to visit. Inside nursery we built houses for the birds and bird tables in the bricks and looked after poorly birds in our rescue centre. Joining two tubes with tape we made some explorers binoculars. We had great fun using tweezers to pick up pipe cleaner worms to feed our pretend birds and in the play dough we rolled the dough to make eggs and counted them into the egg boxes. After reading lots of information books we decided to make an information wall of all the facts we had learnt about birds. We had 13 facts on our list.


Nursery have had great fun preparing for Christmas. They know that at Christmas we celebrate Jesus’ birthday and Advent is the time to prepare. The children decorated the Christmas tree, learnt new songs and dressed up as characters from the nativity story. In nursery we made toys in Santa’s workshop, made a flying potion for his reindeer’s and built the stable and Bethlehem in the bricks.

We finished our term with a Christmas Party dancing, playing games and party food to eat. Santa arrived and gave us a gift. Merry Christmas from Nursery.