Next caterpillar Update!

Today when we came back to school we looked at our caterpillars and they had grown a lot over the weekend!

They have been munching through their food to make them grow big and strong!

We looked again at the life cycle of a butterfly to remind ourselves what the caterpillars will grow into!



A sunny day in the Nursery garden!

Today in Nursery we have been in our lovely sunny garden.

We have been focusing on climbing up our new rope ladder and swinging on our new trapeze.

It was very tricky when we first tried but now we are getting better and better and making our muscles big and strong while doing it!

Caterpillar update!

Today in Nursery we looked at our caterpillars again!

Today when we looked at them and they had grown lots and lots! They are so much bigger than yesterday!

We looked at the life cycle of our caterpillars, they started as a little egg and are now munching their way through all their food, then they will make themselves their very own cocoon and stay in there for a couple of weeks, and finally they will hatch into beautiful butterfly’s!

We are looking forward to watching our caterpillars grow even more!

Mini-beast Collective Worship in Nursery!

Today in Collective worship we thanked God for all the mini-beasts we have in the world. We drew a picture of our favourite mini-beast to put on our focal point.

We set up our focal area with the bible, the cross, our candle, pictures of the butterfly life-cycle and our very own live caterpillars!

One by one we went up and placed our picture on the focal point and thanked God for our favourite mini-beast.

We then thanked God by saying a prayer;

“Lord God, Thank you for the shiny beetles, squirmy worms and slimy slugs. Amen.”

We then blew our candle and watched the smoke go up to heaven.


A lovely morning working in our Creative room and the garden!

Today in Nursery we have been working in our Creative room. We have been vertical painting using cling film, making our own self portraits out of natural materials, printing leaves onto the tree, using tiny stampers to make things such as cards and playing paint hockey.

We have also been in our lovely big garden! We have been able to play on the rope ladder again and this time we got even higher! We have also been able to swing on our rope trapeze. We were also able to flip tyres, climb on tyres, watch the birds with our binoculars, punch the punch bag with our big boxing gloves, we also went on an adventure on our bus in the garden.