Outdoor Learning

A lovely morning working in our Creative room and the garden!

Today in Nursery we have been working in our Creative room. We have been vertical painting using cling film, making our own self portraits out of natural materials, printing leaves onto the tree, using tiny stampers to make things such as cards and playing paint hockey.

We have also been in our lovely big garden! We have been able to play on the rope ladder again and this time we got even higher! We have also been able to swing on our rope trapeze. We were also able to flip tyres, climb on tyres, watch the birds with our binoculars, punch the punch bag with our big boxing gloves, we also went on an adventure on our bus in the garden.


Forest School – Fun with shelters and water

Today Year 6 were challenged with making a shelter using only a piece of tarpauling and a limited supply of rope. The children had to make sure that the shelter was water tight from above. This meant, if their tarpauling conatined holes, they must look at different ways in which to stop the water geting through. To make things a little more exciting when testing their designs, each group of children had to sit under their shelter whilst Mr Patterson and Mr Davis poured a jug of water over the top. Safe to say, all of the shleters held the water out and none of the groups got wet. Well done Year 6!!

Stella woods


Year 4 have spent the morning in Stella woods to build shelters and explore their natural surroundings. The class started the morning with a scavenger hunt. This meant they were able to get to see the area and get to know their boundaries while they were in the woodland. They then worked in groups to build shelters. Once they had finished, they did a sketch of their work and commented with improvements they would make. They were then given a little time to try and improve their structures before getting to have a rest inside them!

Year 1 – Andy Goldsworthy…

In Art this week, the children in Year 1 have been learning about the artist, Andy Goldsworthy. The children began the lesson by looking at examples of his artwork and discussing the materials he uses and his style of art.

Year 1 then went outside to collect their own natural materials and created their own piece of artwork using lines and circles… Great work!