Outdoor Learning

Habitat Hunt

Habitat Hunt

Year 2 have had a fantastic afternoon in our school garden looking for living organisms and their habitats. The children were able to find lots and took great care to make sure they did not disturb the habitat.

Well done year 2!

How Our Garden Grows

Wow, what a difference all this sunshine and rain make! Our vegetables are doing rather well, especially the onions and lettuce.

The peas have grown so much we’ve had to build some climbing frames to help them out.

It was time to plant out the cucumbers too!

Our First Planting Session of The Year

The glorious weather allowed us to plant out our first batch of onions in beautiful sunshine.

We turned the soil, pulled out weeds and prepared the soil for planting. We then planted our onion bulbs in straight rows, 15cm apart and gave them a good watering.


After that we sowed some very small lettuce and carrot seeds. We also sowed these in straight lines, covered them with soil and gave them a good water. Hopefully, we’ll see them coming through in the next 3 weeks.


God’s eyes

In outdoor learning, Year Six have been learning how to lash two pieces of wood together using a square lashing. To practice this and make a rather fetching decoration they created a God’s eye. First they lashed two sticks together and then wrapped wool around to create their design.

img_0327 img_0328 img_0324 img_0325

Feeding the birds

Because the weather is changing and there isn’t as much food around for our feathered friends, we decided to try and make some tasty bird food.

We tried to make two different foods. The first one, we made using Cheerios and garden string. Did you know that birds love Cheerios?

img_0322  img_0323  img_0329

The second food involved us mixing some packet bird food with porridge oats and lard. It felt really horrible and slimy, but it was worth it.  We made the mixture cling to the string in sausage shapes and hung it from the trees in our nature garden.

img_0325  img_0330  img_0327

I hope the birds in our garden enjoy their winter feast.