Outdoor Learning

Stella woods


Year 4 have spent the morning in Stella woods to build shelters and explore their natural surroundings. The class started the morning with a scavenger hunt. This meant they were able to get to see the area and get to know their boundaries while they were in the woodland. They then worked in groups to build shelters. Once they had finished, they did a sketch of their work and commented with improvements they would make. They were then given a little time to try and improve their structures before getting to have a rest inside them!

Year 1 – Andy Goldsworthy…

In Art this week, the children in Year 1 have been learning about the artist, Andy Goldsworthy. The children began the lesson by looking at examples of his artwork and discussing the materials he uses and his style of art.

Year 1 then went outside to collect their own natural materials and created their own piece of artwork using lines and circles… Great work!

Shang Dynasty

As part of our topic about the Shang Dynasty, year 4 have been making porridge as they would have in the Shang Dynasty times. The children weighed out the millet, milk, water and star anise for their recipes. They then mixed them well and they were all put together in a pan. Once outside the children collected sticks and assisted in creating a fire for the porridge to cook on. The children then tasted the porridge so they could see what Shang Dynasty food might have tasted like. The general feeling seemed to be that they did not massively enjoy the taste however, we all had fun making it!!

Trip to Newburn

As we near the end of our topic on rivers, we took a trip to Newburn.

Our first stop was at Newburn Bridge where we looked at the bridge itself. We talked about the type of bridge it was and how people would have crossed the river in years gone by. We also discussed what the river would have been used for in the past.

As we walked along the river, we looked for signs of spring and characteristics of the river’s journey, we clearly saw it meandering and a waterfall. Once we got to Newburn, we stopped took some photographs and talked about the characteristics of the river that we could see. What a wonderful morning!


Outdoor Classroom Day


To celebrate Outdoor Classroom Day, Year 4 and Year 6 participated in a forest school session. During this session the children were introduced to the story of the Green Man, this is the man of the forest and he is made up of parts of the plants and leaves throughout the woodland. The children were given some clay in order to make their own Green Man faces within the trees. They were very creative in their designs and most of them went on to name their trees.