Outdoor Learning

Autumn leaves are falling down

Nursery went outside to observe the changing season and collect colourful leaves. Our challenge was to try to find different autumn colours, but not green. We enjoyed throwing sycamore seeds into the air and watched them twirl like helicopters. Back at nursery, we tore the leaves to make the prickles on a hedgehog.

Forest School

Year 4 and Year 6 joined together to take part in a forest school session within the school grounds. The children found out about the Native American’s use of journey sticks. The children were then able to make their own journey sticks. These sticks tell the story of the journey they took part in during their forest school session. The activity also enabled the children to practice their skills of tying knots to attach items to the string. The children partnered up with someone from the opposite class and really enjoyed working together to create their journey sticks.   

Rain, rain go away.

Today the nursery children played hopscotch and number games in between the rain showers. They hopped and jumped on the number squares saying the numbers to 10 forwards and backwards. It was lots of fun.


Year six have been looking at different types of shelters within their DT topic. They were challenged this week to create a shelter from natural materials that kept a small creature dry and warm.