Physical Education

Dribbling with the football

Year 3 have been practicing their dribbling skills. The children learnt how to keep their head up while moving and close ball control through a variety of games. They took part in traffic lights and flip the cone in order to work closely with the ball and with their team mates.

Year 4 – Tag Rugby

Year 4 – Tag Rugby

This week in PE we began learning to all of the things we need to know to play tag rugby, including how to move, how to pass the ball and the different positions in the game. Next week we will be learning more about the rules.


Warm up games in Year 2!

Year 2 loved their warm up game in PE called ‘rat catcher’. The children were all rats and had a tail to hook into their trousers. They had to run around and try to pull out as many tails as possible, without allowing their tail to be pulled out too!