Author Session

Jamie Littler is an author and illustrator and is running a session via the Read North East Facebook page on Saturday 14th November at 10.30am. He is going to be talking about his new book Frostheart. . . . . .

Bursting with brilliant characters, heart-stopping adventure and tons of laughs, this magical tale is perfect for fans of Nevermoor, Frozen and How to Train Your Dragon!

Way out in the furthest part of the known world, a tiny stronghold exists all on its own, cut off from the rest of human-kin by monsters that lurk beneath the Snow Sea. There, a little boy called Ash waits for the return of his parents, singing a forbidden lullaby to remind him of them… and doing his best to avoid his very, VERY grumpy yeti guardian, Tobu.

But life is about to get a whole lot more crazy-adventurous for Ash. When a brave rescue attempt reveals he has amazing magical powers, he’s whisked aboard the Frostheart, a sleigh packed full of daring explorers who could use his help. But can they help him find his family?

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Nursery’s Happy Hedgehog Band

Nursery’s Happy Hedgehog Band

Our story in Nursery this week has been ‘The Happy Hedgehog Band’. We listened to the story and copied the beat of the hedgehogs playing their drums.                                                                                                                                           

The boys and girls enjoyed the story so much that they decided to make their own band. We looked around the Nursery garden to find our own natural instruments. The children made drums using sticks and pots, whilst some of the other children made a rustling sound using crispy leaves. We came together to form our own band and played our instruments just like in the story.

Are you a fan of Tom Gates ?

Are you a fan of Tom Gates ?

Your doodled cover could be printed in the next Tom Gates book!

All winners will win a signed book, signed print, limited edition badge AND a bag of goodies. The overall winner will also receive a Skype visit from Liz Pichon to their school!

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Tom Gates Scholastics are asking fans to draw their own Tom Gates cover! 

Author & illustrator Liz Pichon will pick her favourites to appear in the endpapers of Tom Gates: Ten Tremendous Tales.

Doodled entries need to:

Have the words TOM GATES on them

Include characters from the books (Tom, Delia, Marcus, etc).

Be black & white!

Be postcard size! (Portrait or landscape is fine)

Tweeted to #TomGates10 on Twitter or emailed to

Deadline is 23 Nov.

Books of the Month – November

Here are some exciting books for November from Scholastics . . . .

Ages 3–4 Book of the Month

The Grinny Granny Donkey by Craig Smith and Katz Cowley

“We all love a treat. We all like to laugh. And we all love our grannies! My choice for 3+ this November rolls all three into one great book. Meet The Grinny Granny Donkey, a BRAND NEW book from Craig Smith and Katz Cowley. They’re the bestselling team behind The Wonky Donkey, which became a smash hit and viral internet sensation after being read by another very special lady… the Scottish Granny!

You can expect more of the same silliness, fun and giggles as you explore another great cumulative text, which builds in pace and length as you read. Books with repetitive words and phrases or predictable texts allows children to participate in the reading experience immediately. Often they will begin to “read” and say the repetitive phrases with you, helping them to build word familiarity and early vocabulary skills. Stats show that kids enjoy humorous books, and I think this is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Shared reading offers kids a great start in life. Nothing gives you a warmer feeling than curling up with a good book with your loved ones (especially a special granny), so why not get your teeth into this fabulous book and get ready for more ‘Hee-Haws’ to enchant and delight you? You’ll find out all about Grinny Granny’s exploits – especially her false teeth… A great addition to any library.”

Ages 5–6 Book of the Month

Dog Man: Fetch-22 by Dav Pilkey

“My Book of the Month pick for 5+ for November is the eighth instalment in the Dog Man series, Fetch-22, now available in paperback. Dog Man is currently our bestselling series, so we know kids love these books!

Dog Man has the magic ingredients: it’s hugely accessible (with a highly-illustrated, graphic style that offers plenty of prompts to help the reader along); it offers enough stretch to test those reading muscles for 5-year-olds, but also makes for a really satisfying book for older kids. But more than that, I challenge any young reader to resist the laugh-out-loud humour and reading experts agree that kids actively search out FUNNY books for themselves. Plus stats show that kids are five times more likely to finish a book that they have chosen, so it’s the perfect Christmas treat.

Written by children’s firm favourite Dav Pilkey, who is the author and illustrator of the worldwide bestselling Captain Underpants series, the Dog Man series as a whole explores universally positive themes, including empathy, kindness, persistence and the importance of being true to one’s self. Let Dog Man unleash the reader in kids with these great crime-fighting capers!

Ages 7–8 Book of the Month

Planet Omar: Incredible Rescue Mission by Zanib Mian and Nasaya Mafaridik

“For kids aged 7 and over, our November Book of the Month pick is Planet Omar: Incredible Rescue Mission. We have chosen it because this hilarious adventure is laugh-out-loud funny with bags of heart. From author Zanib Mian, it is ideal for fans of Tom Gates and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Nasaya Mafaridik’s fully integrated illustrations throughout keep it engaging and accessible to those of all abilities. Perfect to be read either independently or as read aloud for you and your child, and guarantees to have you both laughing! It is also so important for children to see a diverse range of characters in books, especially when it is characters they can see themselves reflected in, and the Planet Omar series are great examples of such books. Incredible Rescue Mission is the third in the series, but can be read as a standalone – and great if kids love it as there’s two more for them to get stuck into straight away!”

Ages 9–10 Book of the Month

Shoe Wars by Liz Pichon

“Our 9+ Book of the Month for November has to be Shoe Wars. We have chosen Liz Pichon’s new novel because it is perfect not only for core middle-grade readers but also for younger fans who love the fantastic and crazy illustrations and for older kids and grown-ups who are drawn into the weird and wonderful world of Shoe Town. The fully illustrated text also keeps any reluctant readers engaged, and the adventure keeps you rooting for the kids.

This new novel from the best-selling, award-winning author Liz Pichon is a standalone title in a whole new world separate from Tom Gates. Set in Shoe Town, big-bad-boss Wendy Wedge is obsessed with winning the Golden Shoe Award with the invention of flying shoes. But our star siblings Ruby and Bear are in a race against time to rescue the inventor – their dad! – and save the day. All the hilarity and crazy antics you would expect from Tom Gates, along with some super-cool gadgets, the baddest baddies and tons of shoes.”


Ages 11+ Book of the Month

“Our November Book of the Month pick for 11+ is the heart-stopping adventure Windrush Child from Benjamin Zephaniah. I have chosen this book because it is essential reading on part of our country’s history and perfect for teaching children about inclusivity and diversity. In a powerful, moving account of family and fitting in, Zephaniah shows us what it was like to be a child of the Windrush generation. An invaluable story for any young reader, with the adventure and narrative non-fiction element keeping it engaging and entertaining as well as being historically accurate and educating. Windrush Child is the fifth book in the Voices series, which showcases some of the UK’s finest writers as they reflect on the authentic unsung stories of our past. Each book reads as a standalone, but great if kids love the series as there’s four more for them to get stuck into straight away!”


Creating timelines in Guided Reading

This term, Year 4 has been reading Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White. This week we created a timeline mapping all of the events Charlotte has been involved in using our retrieval and summary skills. We then used our prediction skills to guess how we think the book will end.

Creating timelines in Guided Reading