Welcome Liturgy

Reception and Year Six shared a special welcome liturgy this week. It was lovely to see Reception starting their journey of faith, hope and love in our school and starting to work with their Special Friends.

African Day

African Day

African Day got off to a great start with a whole school assembly led by Mrs Innerdale.

Mrs Innerdale told us a little bit about the continent Africa and then showed us where Cameron will be working next year and the types of activities he will do.


Lots of fundraising activities took place throughout the day … penalty shootout, cake sale, raffle, guess teddy’s name, guess the number of sweets and nail painting. It was a great success!

After many African themed activities in class, the children then came back together in the hall for a final assembly. The raffle prizes were drawn and winner announced.

Well done and thank you everyone!

Easter in Reception

In Reception we have been learning all about Easter. We have read the Easter story and talked about Good Friday and Easter Sunday. We made our own Easter gardens and Easter tree using pebbles, flowers and chicks. Next we thought about the different things people do to celebrate Easter. We talked about the special foods that people might eat and we tasted hot cross buns!


Reception have been busy this week thinking about 2D and 3D shapes in their Maths sessions. We have been on a shape hunt around school. How many shapes can you see? We also used bamboo poles to try and build our own 2D and 3D shapes outside. It was very tricky and we had to work together! We also played Stella Shape Shop. Different customers phoned our shop and had to describe the shapes they would like to buy.


Subtraction Smash

In Reception this week, we have been practising our subtraction. We had different subtraction calculations on cards and chose one each. After reading our calculation, we used the playdough to make the right number of balls, then squashed some to subtract the right number. We counted how many balls of playdough we had left to find the answer. It was lots of fun!