Royalty for the Day

Royalty for the Day

Reception were so excited about the Royal Wedding that we thought we would continue to celebrate it with a Royal Street Party. We made hats to wear and decorated them with red, white and blue. Some of us even painted the Union Jack on them too. We made our own sandwiches and used our maths skills to cut them in half then had some fruit cocktails for dessert. We had lots of fun celebrating!

Sharing the Good News

In Reception class we have been learning about Pentecost. We have heard about Jesus’ ascension into heaven and we know that Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to his Disciples through wind and fire. We thought about how the Disciples would have felt when they heard the wind and saw the flames. We thought it would be very exciting to be able to speak in different languages to spread the Good News of Jesus to the world like his Disciples did. We made Good News kites with tails the colour of flames and we took them out into the wind to watch them move, thinking about the Holy Spirit moving through us and helping us be like Jesus’ Disciples.


After looking at Beatrix Potter’s stories and paintings this week, Reception class have painted their very own watercolour gardens. We think they are fantastic and we have hung them up in our classroom for everyone to see. We’ve added some watercolour paints to our painting area so we create some more works of arts next week.

Investigating Vegetables


In our ‘Can We Explore?’ topic, we have been thinking about the plants we could grow in our garden. We loved tasting a selection of fresh vegetables, from peppers to pea pods, with our friends this week. We described how they all tasted and chose which one was our favourite then wrote the results on a graph. Some vegetables we thought were delicious and some we weren’t so keen on.