Reception begin the Walk for Water Challenge

Reception begin the Walk for Water Challenge

On Friday, we enjoyed talking about CAFOD’s Lent challenge – Walk for Water. We are taking part in the school challenge! On Monday, we were able to put some money into our class CAFOD collection box! We then had a chance to start walking towards our 2 miles! We are very pleased to say that we have already walked half a mile!

The first signs of spring!

The first signs of spring!

In Reception we have started looking at our new RE topic, growing! We have started by looking at and thinking about growing and the changes that we can see around us.

In our PE lesson we have created our own Spring dance, starting as bulbs and growing slowly into flowers.

In outdoor learning we enjoyed exploring our school grounds looking for the first signs of spring.

We then enjoyed planting our own cress seeds. We will continue to watch them grow over the next few weeks!

Over the next few weeks we are going to think about Lent and how it is a time for us to grow in special ways – in love, goodness, kindness and helpfulness. Lent is a special time for us to try and grow more like Jesus.

Jerusalema Dance Challenge

Over half term, why not get involved in our Jersualema dance challenge.

Use this video to learn the steps  . . . .

Use the link below to play just the music for your performance !


Then share your dance videos with school using

After half term, we are going to make a montage of all of our home and school dancers.