Mini Vinnies Celebration

This week in school we held a beautiful Mini Vinnies commissioning ceremony led by Mr Michael Willcock. The children were presented with certificates and badges to recognise their commitment to helping others both locally and around the world. This ceremony was a wonderful way to welcome our new Mini Vinnies from Year 4 and 5.

Shared liturgy of God’s love

Year 5 took part in a beautiful liturgy on Friday. We were invited by Reception class to join them as they celebrated God’s love. We prepared our own prayers and offered these in a moment of quiet and reflection. The Reception children also shared their love with Year 5. It was a wonderful and reflective way to end our school week. Thank you Reception class.

Getting to know our school family

On Monday we attended our first school assembly. It was very special as Jimmy from ‘Link to Hope’ talked to us about the shoe box appeal. He told us that these gifts bring big smiles and happiness to people in Romania. We each shared our ideas as to what we could include in our Christmas Shoe Box.

On Wednesday we joined with all of the school for hymn practice. We looked at different hymns that we may sing throughout the year. Some of the songs will be sang during assemblies, masses and liturgies. We were very happy when we had the chance to rehearse our song for our welcome liturgy.

On Thursday we joined with our special friends for our welcome liturgy. It was lovely to reflect on the people we have met so far in school and the people we might meet along the way.

During collective worship time on Friday some of us planned a liturgy for the year 5 class to share with us. We spent time praising and thanking God for our new friends.


Recycling with Rachel

Rachel from Groundworks North East came in to school to tell us all about recycling waste electrical equipment and batteries. She was very pleased to see that we already recycle batteries but challenged us all to recycle more electrical waste through the Council waste management scheme. In Gateshead we are all able to recycle small electrical items through the blue bins. But she also reminded us that reusing items through charities is also a good idea.