Religious Education

More Than Dance

Year 4 had a fantastic opportunity to discover more about Our Mother Mary with a morning spent along side the More Than Dance team. We created a liturgical dance for the Year of Mary and our own prayer bracelet.

Sharing the Good News

In Reception class we have been learning about Pentecost. We have heard about Jesus’ ascension into heaven and we know that Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to his Disciples through wind and fire. We thought about how the Disciples would have felt when they heard the wind and saw the flames. We thought it would be very exciting to be able to speak in different languages to spread the Good News of Jesus to the world like his Disciples did. We made Good News kites with tails the colour of flames and we took them out into the wind to watch them move, thinking about the Holy Spirit moving through us and helping us be like Jesus’ Disciples.

Pentecost; the celebration of the Good News of Jesus

This week we have listened to the story of Pentecost. Jesus’ friends were all very sad after He had died but they knew that He would send the Holy Spirit to them. At first the disciples could hear and feel a strong wind in the room where they were gathered. Next they saw the flames come and rest upon each of them. The disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit and they began to talk in many different languages. We spent time talking about how we thought the disciples might have felt that day. We each coloured in a flame and made a Holy Spirit hat to remind us that we too are friends of Jesus and we should also be spreading the Good News of God just like the disciples did.