Religious Education

A Special Guest

Year 5 had a fantastic opportunity this week. We were visited by Deanna Van der Velde, an orthodox Jewish lady who works for the Gosforth Synagogue. She came into our school and helped us to understand some of the history behind this fascinating Religion. Deanna discussed Hanukkah and other traditions within the Jewish faith.

Jewish Shabbat

Jewish Shabbat

We were delighted to welcome a Jewish visitor who came to school to explain to us about the Jewish day of rest –  Shabbat. She told the children about the preparations that are made for this day, because Jewish people do no work at all on Shabbat. It starts on a Friday evening and ends on a Saturday evening.

The lady then explained what families do at Shabbat; they go to the Synagogue and they have a family meal together. The mother of the family lights a candle and welcomes Shabbat through a special prayer. The children were able to taste the Challah bread that Jewish families eat.


Baptism – A visit to Church

Baptism – A visit to Church

Year 1 and Year 2 went to church this week to learn about a Baptism service. Father Rose talked to us about the people who are at a Baptism service; the priest, the baby, the parents, the Godparents, the family and sometimes the parish family. He then explained why we make the sign of the cross on the baby’s forehead and why the baby wears white . Father explained what the priest says when he pours the water over the baby’s head and then told us about the blessing with the Chrism oil and Baptism oil. Finally Father Rose showed us the Baptism book and the children were very excited to discover that many of their names were in the book too!

Let’s Look at Judaism

Last week we were so lucky to have Deanna visit our school. She is a local Jewish lady who came into our school and spent some time with us talking about Hanukkah.

Deanna shared some lovely stories with us and explained how and why the Jewish people celebrate the Festival of Lights. We saw Deanna light the menorah and tell us why it has 9 candles.

We also had some traditional food that is eaten during this celebration, donuts and played with a dreidel.

Year 1 – Baptism with Fr. Rose…

This week we went down to church to talk to Fr. Rose about baptism. He showed us the font where people get baptised and some of the other items needed for this Sacrament. He also talked to us about Jesus’ baptism and about the signs and symbols of this important event.

Fr. Rose was very impressed that we knew so much about baptism! Well done Year 1!