Religious Education

First Holy Communion

Today was a special day, children from Year 4 celebrated their First Holy Communion. Since September the children have been preparing themselves for this special day. First Holy Communion is a wonderful moment in a child’s life and represents a sign of growth in the knowledge and love of God for each and every child.

A huge thank you to Father Rose, Miss White, Mrs Wilders, the Catechists and all school staff that have guided and supported the children on their journey to this day.


Year 2 worked with their talks partners to create Lent posters. The aim of these posters was to display various ways that Christians prepare for Easter. The children worked very well and were very proud of their completed posters.

Easter in Reception

In Reception we have been learning all about Easter. We have read the Easter story and talked about Good Friday and Easter Sunday. We made our own Easter gardens and Easter tree using pebbles, flowers and chicks. Next we thought about the different things people do to celebrate Easter. We talked about the special foods that people might eat and we tasted hot cross buns!