Religious Education

Pentecost – Celebrating the Good News

Pentecost – Celebrating the Good News

Today we gathered with our school family to take part in a Pentecost parade. We listened to the word and prayed together as a family. We then presented our offerings, representing the fruits of the Holy Spirit, in our Gospel Garden. We spent time preparing our focal point as a class. After Collective Worship we celebrated the coming of the Holy Spirit with a Pentecost Party. Pentecost is often named as the ‘birthday of the Church’. We share our happiness and joy because we celebrate the Good News of Jesus who kept his promise and sent the Holy Spirit to be our friend.

How the Holy Spirit gave Peter and John courage

Today we listened to the story of Peter and John from Acts Chapter 4: Verses 1-26 and how they had the courage to stand up to the officials and keep their promise to Jesus telling everyone that they could not keep silent about the great things that God has done and they would continue to spread the Good News.

First we prepared questions for the two disciples and took part in an interview role play. Then we thought about times in our own lives where we have had the courage to stand up for something we strongly believed in.

Spring Walk

This week, we have been on a nature walk around the school grounds. We have been looking for signs of growth and new life.

We saw some flowers – daffodils, crocuses and tulips. We also saw some twigs with buds on and some new leaves growing.

Spring is definitely here!