School News


Year Six have been working on some stick figure animations. You need to be really patient to build up the animation and make it effective.


We didn’t realise just how tricky weaving was until we tried it!

First you go over and then you go under. The next time you go under first and then over! But what’s next?

World Maths Day 2018

Year 3 just love maths and today we celebrated World Maths Day.

We’ve been playing maths game using everyday things like cards, dice and the internet. We’ve added numbers together and multiplied and divided numbers. It was great fun!




We’ve had a fantastic day at Segedenum exploring a real Roman fort.

We started the day looking at some artefacts, some of which had actually been found at this site. There were coins, pans, and a vase. Some of us even played some of the same games that Roman soldiers would have played. We looked at models of the fort and worked out what the different parts were. Then we went outside and explored the fort.


After lunch we did a workshop on the life of a Roman soldier. We experienced what a Roman soldier would have worn, it was very heavy! We did some dressing up, learnt the promise that they made, practised our marching and some fighting techniques.