School News


Year six were involved in creating their own lasting memory within our School by designing glass poppies. These poppies have been installed into the Gospel Garden and look fabulous. Each one bears a memory for each Year Six. The poppies will be a lasting memory of all our Year Six class of 2017-2018.

Walking Like an Egyptian

We spent today at the Great North Museum Hancock, exploring a fantastic Egyptian exhibit.

We started the day looking at many different artefacts. There were mummies, jewellery, hieroglyphics, pots and may other things. We also played some games where we had to find something in the exhibition with a certain characteristic, such as wood or man made or just beautiful. We also looked at the death scrolls and deciphered some hieroglyphics.




We also looked at a huge map of Egypt.  We talked about the key, grid references and also where a lot of the cities and towns were located.  We found a number of airports, located the rivers and seas and could find the main cities.  We then looked at how to use grid references to describe where these things were.


After lunch we explored the rest of the museum and saw a number of other exhibits, such as the Romans, Ancient Greeks, fossils and local wild life.

Rosary beads made by Mini Vinnies

Mini Vinnies have been making rosary beads to sell during the Month of May. They will be available from the School office for 50p.

The beads represent one decade of the Rosary, with a coloured bead next to the cross for the “Our Father”, 10 beads of the same colour for the “Hail Mary’s”  and a bead at the end for the “Glory Be”. Each decade will be in its own pouch along with a copy of the prayers.

All money raised will be donated to charity so please come along and buy one!


Year Six have been working on some stick figure animations. You need to be really patient to build up the animation and make it effective.