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Balloons Bonanza!

Balloons Bonanza!

Year 2 had great fun on Friday when a visiting scientist came into school to explore balloons with the children. The children took part in many activities throughout the morning and had lots of fun.

They began by thinking about toys that are operated by balloons. Findlay told us all about his toy car which is pushed forwards when the air comes out of the balloon. David (the scientist) then showed us a helicopter and explained that the air leaving the balloon pushes the helicopter up into the air. The children could hear a squeaking sound as the air left the balloon, they noticed this was a higher pitch towards the end.

The children loved making a rocket using the balloon. The air forced the balloon along the string at a very fast speed. They also loved using the wind bags to make very large balloons. The children were very impressed at how quickly these became inflated.

Finally the children explored static electricity created by balloons. The children were able to attach the balloon to a wall, make their hair stick up, pick up paper and also separate salt and pepper.

Everyone had a really fun science lesson, and learnt lots. Thank you David!


Do you want an inspiring career ?

Teaching is one of the most rewarding careers and always scores highly as a choice for both recent graduates and older graduates seeking a change of career.
As you are aware we are a Lead school for the Schools Direct route for attaining a PGCE.
We are offering places through UCAS for teacher training in 2019-20, as Gateshead Teaching School Alliance.
If you are a recent graduate or a graduate contemplating a career change then pop into school for a chat, search for information about Gateshead Teaching School Alliance within UCAS or check for further information about what we offer on our website.
Let’s start the conversation soon.

Mini Vinnies visit Joe’s Place

Last Wednesday, some Mini Vinnies visited Joe’s Place in Gateshead to donate bags of food items  which Year 5 had collected for their Harvest Assembly.

Joe’s Place opens on a Wednesday in St Joseph’s church hall to offer a hot meal, snacks and company to homeless people in the North East. The children learned about the work of Joe’s Place and found out which foods would be the most useful to collect. In addition, Joe’s place will be having a Christmas Party for the homeless on the 19th December and will be giving each person attending a gift of toiletries.

If  you can help, please send in a toiletry item such as soap, toothbrush/paste, shower gel or deodorant to the school office.

The Mini Vinnies will ensure they are delivered to Joe’s Place in time for the party.

Algorithms – Directing a Robot!

Algorithms – Directing a Robot!

Today the children worked in pairs. One of them had to give an algorithm to their robot so that they could reach the treasure in the middle of the playground. The children had to use vocabulary such as – left, right, turn, forwards, back wards, step’.

The children were very careful when asking their robot to turn either left or right and sometimes realised that they had to amend their algorithm.

Missing Numbers

Missing Numbers

This week in maths, the children have been looking at some missing number calculations, for example – 42 + … = 85

The children have used dienes blocks to help them calculate the missing numbers.