School News

Computing Club this week

During our first week at computing club, the children have been building and programming their own band. The children chose which instruments they wanted to have in their band. Then, they programed each one to play when clicked on by the mouse pointer. After this the children made their msuical instruments move and dance along to the beat of the music.

The teacher robot in Year 1

During computing today, Year 1 were given the task of writing an algorithm that would program the teacher robot to make a jam sandwich. In their groups, the children needed to think carefully about the the types of instructions they would need to include in their algorithm. They also needed to think about making their instructions clear and precise. Mr Patterson then took on the role of the teacher robot and followed some of the algorithms very literally. At this point, things got quite messy and the children found it very funny indeed. This was due to the fact that slices of bread ended up on the floor and Mr Patterson’s hands got covered in butter and jam. After this, the children looked back at their algorithms and debugged their program. This meant they were able to add in the missing functions to create the perfect jam sandwich. Well done Year 1!

The Great Outdoors with Nursery

The Great Outdoors with Nursery

The cold and wet weather doesn’t stop us!   This week we have wrapped up warm and had some fantastic time outdoors. We’ve driven the bus to London, played with the chickens, built some huge towers, rode skateboards, jumped around and played on our balance bikes with our friends.



During our first session back after the Christmas break, we have looked at another scene from Joseph and the Amazing Technicoloured Dream Coat. The children were split into groups of four and asked to choose a part for each member of their group. Then, they practiced the scene within their groups and performed it to the whole group.

Here are some short snippets from some of the groups.

Year 5 Guitar

During music today, Year 5 have been learning how to tune a guitar. First the children listened to Mr Innerdale play a guitar that was not in tune with the piano, this sounded very strange. Then, they were introduced to notes that were either too sharp or too flat. After this, the children looked at the parts of the guitar that are used to tune the individual strings which are called pegs. Finally, in partners, the children tried tuning the bottom three strings (E, A and D) on the guitar themselves. The children had to think carefully whether the note was too sharp, or too flat. To test to see if all of the guitars were in tune with one another, each partner took it turn to play a simple melody as part of an ensemble which sounded great! Well done Year 5.