Year 1

Year 1 – Following instructions…

Today in English, the children in Year 1 were learning about instructions. We started our lesson by thinking about what instructions are, what they look like and why we need them.

We then followed some instructions to complete different activities. We quickly learnt that we needed to follow them carefully, follow them in the right order and not leave any out!

Year 1 – Remember, Remember…

This week in Year 1 the children have been learning about poetry. We talked about what a poem is and looked at lots of different examples. We watched videos of fireworks and bonfires, listening to all of the sounds and writing down what we could see. The children then went on to draw their own firework display on black paper and wrote their own poems based on their pictures. They used lots of descriptive language and amazing adjectives.

Well done Year 1!

Baptism with Fr. Rose…

This week we went down to church to talk to Fr. Rose about baptism. He showed us the font where children get baptised and some of the other items needed for this sacrament. He also talked to us about Jesus’ baptism and about the signs and symbols of this important event. Fr. Rose was very impressed that we knew so much about baptism! Well done Year 1!

Year 1 – Part, Part, Whole Addition!

In Maths Year 1 have been learning about addition. Throughout the week we have used lots of different resources and strategies including jumping up a number line, combining groups using cubes and part, part, whole. Part, part whole is a practical way of adding numbers together using concrete items which helps the children to visualise the ‘addition process’.