Year 1

Year 1 – Science with balloons!

Today Year 1 had a very special visitor called David. He used to be a Science teacher and wanted to teach us some amazing experiments which you can do with balloons. David was really good at explaining the science behind the experiments.

The best thing is that David did not use any special equipment or apparatus, he used simple things you can find around your house! Year 1 really enjoyed watching, taking part and learning about the science in the different activities with the balloons!

This visit links really well with our whole school Erasmus International project based on ‘Flying High in Europe’ which has a special science focus!

Who thinks they could carry out their own experiment at home?


Year 1 – Ordering instructions…

Today in English, the children in Year 1 were learning about the importance of ordering instructions. We started our lesson by recapping on what instructions are, what they look like and why we need them.

The children quickly learnt that we needed to order and follow instructions very carefully otherwise they wouldn’t work or make sense!

Year 1 – Addition!

In Maths this week, we have been using our knowledge of ‘Tens’ and ‘Ones’ to add large numbers together. The children learnt that they could break the numbers in a calculation down into ‘Tens’ and ‘Ones’ then combine them to get a total.

Great work Year 1!

Year 1 – Addition continued…

In Maths this week, Year 1 have continued to learn about addition. Throughout the week we have used lots of different resources and strategies including jumping up a number line, combining groups using cubes and part, part, whole. Part, part whole is a practical way of adding numbers together using concrete items which helps the children to visualise the ‘addition process’.

Year 1 – Jam sandwiches…

This week Year 1 have been learning about instructions. We made jam sandwiches and made some notes on the steps we used. The following day we used our sandwich making experience to write a great set of instructions!