Year 1

Striking and Fielding

Well done to all 15 of our children who took part in the above competition at St Thomas More school.

The children all took part in nine different throwing, striking and catching activities. They listened well, tried their best and showed great determination. Well done everyone!

Year 1 – Offering up to God!

Today in Collective Worship, the children in Year 1 went outside to take part in our Collective Worship. Being the season of Lent, our Collective Worship leaders wanted us to think about the things in our lives which we are not happy or proud about and offer them up to God.

The children wrote these things on a cross and presented them to the Focal Point. To conclude our Collective Worship, we paused for a moment and prayed a Hail Mary, asking her to take our prayers to Jesus her Son.

Our mission going forth was to take the crosses home with us to remind us not to make the same mistakes again…

Year 1 – Space Camp Sam!

On Thursday, Year 1 were lucky enough to take part in an assembly with Space Camp Sam. She came in to talk to us about Space, her Space Camp project and about the work of the late Professor Stephen Hawking.

Sam taught us lots of amazing and cool facts about space and the different planets and moon!

Year 1 – Fun with Phonics…

This week Year 1 have been playing lots of different phonics games. The children have been using their sounding out and knowledge of different sounds to read both real and nonsense words. Great work Year 1!