Year 1

Jerusalema Dance Challenge

Over half term, why not get involved in our Jersualema dance challenge.

Use this video to learn the steps  . . . .

Use the link below to play just the music for your performance !


Then share your dance videos with school using

After half term, we are going to make a montage of all of our home and school dancers.

Year 1 Advent Collective Worship

Today in Year 1 we had a collective worship all about the Nativity and Advent. We talked about what Advent is and what we are waiting for. We looked at the Nativity story and picked out the main points of the story. Then we used nativity characters to act out the story on our tables. We then gathered around the focal point to sing ‘Away in a manager’.


Thank you for such a lovely last day of term Year 1.

I hope everybody has a relaxing and wonderful Christmas!

Keep safe.

Year 1 Christmas Party Day

Year 1 have had the best Christmas party day! Santa could not visit us in school this year so as a special treat we got to speak to Santa on the computer!! He answered our questions and told us all about his reindeer. Year 1 then got a special visitor from Pingu the Penguin, Year 1 must look after him this week! We got to play party games and have a dance in the hall. Then we had party food in the classroom with lots of treats. It was the best day ever!! 🙂

IMG_1940 IMG_1941 IMG_1955

Year 1 Christmas Jumper Day

Year 1 have had a fantastic Christmas Jumper Day!

We have made lots of Christmas arts and crafts. We made Christmas cards and saw a Viking on stilts playing the pipes! So we had to have a little dance 🙂 The school raised lots of money for the Brain Tumour North East Charity, which is absolutely fantastic. Thank you everybody for your generosity! We then got to enjoy an amazing Christmas dinner with all the trimmings and watch the pantomime. All in all, a great day!