Year 1

Year 1 -National Railway Museum Trip…

Today, Year 1 visited the National Railway Museum in Durham as part of their topic on George Stephenson. When we arrived at the museum, we were greeted by a member of staff who showed us some different train artifacts. We knew what lots of these artifacts were and answered all of the questions amazingly well!

We got to go on the footplate of a steam train and learn about the roles of the driver and the fireman. The member of staff also told us how the train was driven using levers and turning wheels.

After lunch, we then had some time to look around the museum ourselves, exploring all of the exhibits. The children seemed shocked by how big the trains were and how many there were.

Take a look at some pictures from our exciting trip…

Year 1 – Science investigators…

Today Year 1 carried out yet another Science investigation! They wanted to find out whether a toy car would travel further on a high, medium or low ramp. The children began their investigation by thinking about what they wanted to find out and then predicted what they thought might happen. Next they wrote about how they were going carry out their experiment. They used a table to record their results and then used these to talk about what they had discovered. Great work Year 1!

Year 1 – Numbers to 50!

This week in Maths Year 1 have been learning about numbers to 50. They have positioned numbers to 50 on blank number lines, learnt about number sequences and used Tens and Ones resources to partition numbers, recognising the value of each digit within the number. Well done year 1!

Year 1 – Forces investigation…

In Science this week, the children in Year 1 have been carrying out an investigation on forces. They wanted to find out whether or not you need to apply the same or more amount of force to different sized toy cars for them to travel the same amount of distance. The children in Year 1 quickly released that the bigger the car was, the more force was needed for it to travel the same distance as all of the other cars. Great work!

Year 1 – What’s the time?

This week in Maths, Year 1 have been learning about telling the time. We started off by looking at the different hands on the clock and talking about the direction they travel in. To support us in our lessons, we created their very own clock and decorated them. We then learnt how to tell the time to ‘o’clock’ and ‘half past’ the hour.