Year 1

Year 1 – Information Texts…

Today the children in Year 1 had lots of books on their desks. Their task was to sort them into story books and information books. Once they had sorted these, the children went though the information books and found the different features. Great job Year 1!

Year 1 – Forces!

This week Year 1 went outside and experimented with forces. The children used a skateboard and put different weighted objects onto it and decided if they would need to use a big or small push to move it. They discovered that the heavier the object, the more force they needed to move the skateboard!

Year 1 – Designs come to life!

In Design Technology, Year 1 have been learning about moving vehicles. They started by looking at different ways vehicles moved and began to think about how they would make their own using different materials. Having decided on the materials to use, they designed their vehicle and today they started to make them! Great start Year 1!

Year 1 – Yummy Maths!

As part of their Maths lesson, Year 1 used lots of yummy sweets to work out the missing numbers within a calculation. They used the different colours to support them with their thinking and working out. Some children went on to use the sweets to solve word problems!