Year 1

Year 1 Collective Worship

What a lovely way to end our school week. In Year 1, we had a Collective Worship all about Youth Friday. We talked about being together and how we could stay in connect with our friends in and outside of school. We all agreed that friends were very important! We wondered how we would could stay friends with God as we cannot go to Mass at the moment. The children said through prayer, song and kindness for others. We listened to the story of Carlo Acutis and everything he had done for others. We want to spread the word to help others and keep our friendships.


Year 1 Printing!

This week the children in Year 1 began to learn about Printing. We looked at different prints made by many artists and talked about how they were made and what media the artists may have used. We then went on to print using different natural materials. We quickly learnt that we needed to use the right amount of paint, the right amount of pressure and have a very steady hand. Great work Year 1!


Open the book!

Open the book!

On Tuesday, Reception and Year 1 enjoyed a virtual ‘open the book’ session. A member of the  ‘open the book’ team sent us a video of her reading ‘the creation’ story and encouraged everyone to take an active role in the story; both in drama and discussion. The children thought how lucky we are to live in God’s creation and how we can care for it.




Year 1 – Remembrance Day

In Year 1 today we talked about what ‘Remembrance’ means. How the brave people risked their lives to make our lives better. We had a collective worship outside with Nursery and Reception. In class we made biscuit poppies. We followed the instructions very carefully! We loved making them and enjoyed eating the leftover chocolate buttons!




Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day

The Nursery, Reception and Year 1 children gathered today for collective worship and to observe the 2 minute silence to honour all of those who have bravely risked their lives to make our lives better. We listened to the bugle play to mark the beginning and end of our 2 minute silence. All of the children spent time making poppies in their classes to help them remember the importance of this day.

The Reception children processed to the church graveyard to visit the grave of a local soldier. The children left their poppies in honour of him. We ended by saying a quiet prayer together.