Year 1

Year 1 Remembrance Sunday

In Year 1, we learnt all about Remembrance Sunday and its importance. We made our own poppies out of cut up egg boxes. We took them home for our going forth in Collective Worship. Year 1 set up the focal point themselves and wrote their own prayers.


Amazing computing in Year 1

Amazing computing in Year 1

Year 1 were very confused when they were asked if  a computer could be programmed to make a sound when touching a piece of paper. With this in mind, we decided to find out. Before we could test this, the children were asked to think of an animal and draw it on to an A4 piece of paper. After this, using the Scratch program, the children wrote a simple algorithm that told the computer which animal sound needed to be heard. Finally, the children connected their animals to the computer using the MakeMakey. Year 1 were amazed to see that by touching the animal on the sheet of paper, the computer produced the sound of their chosen animal.