Year 1

Jig-Saws, iPads and Space Invaders

Year 1 have been looking at different types of puzzles and games. The children played Space Invaders on the computer, used the Bee-Bot puzzle app on the iPad and tried to solve an authentic jig-saw puzzle. The children’s favourite was the jig-saw puzzle.

A Visitor from Shanghai

The boys and girls at school were very lucky to have Joseph visiting us, all the way from Shanghai! Joseph is a talented calligrapher, who specializes in Chinese writing known as Hanzi.                                                                                                                                                     Hanzi is an ancient form of Chinese writing, dating back almost 5,000 years. Joseph showed the children how to write their own name, with some fantastic results!

Gateshead Food Bank Collection

Gateshead Food Bank Collection

In school this year we are all working together and taking part in a Reverse Advent Calendar. We are collecting food and toiletries for people in need within our local community. Lucy from the Gateshead Food Bank visited school and talked about the important work they are doing and how we can help as a community.