Year 3

What’s In Our Soil?

During our science topic this half term we’ve been exploring what’s inside soil. We used 4 samples from different places to compare our findings.

We found so many different things! We found a spider, some pebbles, a couple of red berries, part of a dead plant, a twig and of course lots of soil.  What else do you think we found?

Eat Like a Roman

Do you know what Romans used to eat? Year 3 have been busy trying out some new and old foods. We tried olives, dates, figs and cheese.

We also made and tasted some Greek flat bread which was delicious!

Computer Programmers

Year 3 have been trying their hand at computer programming, using a computer package called Kodu.

Before we start writing our actual game, we needed to learn how to change the landscape: adding trees, lakes, seas. We then needed to start adding creatures and buildings to our landscape.


Which rocks are porous?

As part of our Science topic on rocks, we designed an experiment to see which rocks would let water go through them.

We thought hard about how we would test this. And then we planned our experiment, working out what equipment we would need, what we thought would happen and how we would make it a fair test.

After we had done all of this, we carried out our experiment and tested 5 different rocks – slate, sandstone, pumice, flint and chalk. Do you think that water went through any of these?