Year 3

Showing Love

As we celebrate St Valentine’s Day this week, we thought about how we can show love to each other. We all came up with ideas on what we could do on a regular basis and wrote them on a lovely coloured piece of card. We then rolled them up to make a gorgeous flower of love.

Chinese New Year

To celebrate the Chinese New Year we decided to make some printed Chinese Lanterns.

First we created a print design on yellow or red card using sponges. When it was dry, we then made the right cuts and made a fabulous lantern.

What Time Is It?

We’ve been making our own clocks this week to try and help us learn how to tell the time.

We’ve been looking at the different features of an analogue clock and also how to work out what time it is.

Soil Detectives

During our topic on rocks we have been looking at what soil is made of. We have been using magnifying glasses and jars full of different soil to investigate this.

We found that soil is made up of lots of different things including rocks, insects, leaves, water and air.