Year 3


This week we have been looking at The Stations of the Cross and remembering what happened to Jesus.  We talked about how Jesus, and those around him, would be feeling and we thought about what we could take from this.

We also remembered what our Lenten promises were and came up with some ideas of how we could keep them going right up until Easter.


Flower Power

In Science we have been studying plants. This week we have been looking at flowering plants.

We carefully pulled apart some daffodils and tried to label them. We were looking for things like the stamen, pollen tube, the petals.




Lentern Promises

At the beginning of Lent, we all made a Lentern promise and placed it on a footprint to show the journey we would be making during Lent. Some of us decided to give up things like chocolate, sweets or time on the IPAD. Whereas some of us decided to help out more at home – doing the dishes, hoovering or tidying up.