Year 3

Computing Club this week

During our first week at computing club, the children have been building and programming their own band. The children chose which instruments they wanted to have in their band. Then, they programed each one to play when clicked on by the mouse pointer. After this the children made their msuical instruments move and dance along to the beat of the music.

Circuit Training

Circuit Training

Year 3 have started circuit training as part of Friday morning PE. The children learnt how to do the plank position and how to do a burpie. They really enjoyed learning these new skills and will use them as part of a circuit in future lessons.


During our first session back after the Christmas break, we have looked at another scene from Joseph and the Amazing Technicoloured Dream Coat. The children were split into groups of four and asked to choose a part for each member of their group. Then, they practiced the scene within their groups and performed it to the whole group.

Here are some short snippets from some of the groups.

New Year Liturgy

The children in Year 3 planned and led a liturgy about New Year. The children thought about their resolutions and reflected on the previous year. They told the story of Noah’s Ark as this was a new start for man. kind.