Year 3

Jerusalema Dance Challenge

Over half term, why not get involved in our Jersualema dance challenge.

Use this video to learn the steps  . . . .

Use the link below to play just the music for your performance !


Then share your dance videos with school using

After half term, we are going to make a montage of all of our home and school dancers.

Jesse Tree


During Advent, Year 3 have been preparing for Jesus’ arrival by exploring the Jesse Tree. Each day the children have shared a Bible story and added a symbol to the Jesse Tree. These symbols represent how God prepared for the arrival of Jesus, which is shown in scripture throughout the Bible.

Party Day


Year 3 had a wonderful party day! The children completed some Christmas crafts, took part in a Christmas quiz (and did very well too). They danced, ate and even got to have a chat with Santa who called them all the way from the North Pole!

Biscuit Henge


Year 3 have been studying Stone Henge as part of their Geography topic. The children have been looking at the structure as well as how it was built. Today, Year 3 have had the opportunity to build their own Stone Henge from biscuits! Although it was tricky, the children did an amazing job of recreating the historical site.