Year 3

Computer Programming

We have been using a programme called Scratch to practise our programming. We’ve learned lots of things, like how to move the sprite around, change the size of the sprite, change the sprite, change the background and attach sound.

Maths is Fun!

We’ve been practising our times tables by playing some great fun games!  We think we’re pretty good at these tables.  Anyone want to challenge us?

Balloon Science

Today we met a lovely Man called David who used to be a Science Teacher. David showed us lots of fun things we can do with a balloons and we also learnt quite a few scientific facts.

We used a the air from a balloon to power some propellers, we also used the air to make a balloon move along some string.  We listened to the noise that was made as the air came out of the balloon.

We looked at and discussed what happens when a balloon is rubbed on our hair.

Then we also blew two balloons up that had polystyrene balls inside them, we used a pump to blow one up and we used our mouths for the other one.  The results were very different!

This was a great way for us to learn more about balloons, in conjunction with our European project – Erasmus.

Let’s Look at Judaism

Last week we were so lucky to have Deanna visit our school. She is a local Jewish lady who came into our school and spent some time with us talking about Hanukkah.

Deanna shared some lovely stories with us and explained how and why the Jewish people celebrate the Festival of Lights. We saw Deanna light the menorah and tell us why it has 9 candles.

We also had some traditional food that is eaten during this celebration, donuts and played with a dreidel.