Year 4

Year 4 – Collective Worship in the school chapel

Year 4 took some time today to enjoy a lovely collective worship. We decided to go to the school chapel in our Gospel garden to really take advantage of some quiet reflective time. We looked at the Parable of the Rich Fool. We thought about the message behind the story and how we should be more sharing towards others. We each said our own prayer and we collected these together in our prayer box. Finally we decided to go forward by showing others how we can share and be more caring towards one another.

Year 4 – The egg test!

Year 4 continued their investigation into human teeth today. We discussed the impact of certain types of food and drink on our teeth and decided an experiment was the next step. The egg test! Eggs contain calcium like our teeth so we took a hard boiled egg and placed it into different types of liquids. We controlled the experiment by make sure that every egg was the same size, the level of liquid was the same and the size of the cups were all the same. The only variable to change was the type of liquid. We then made our predictions as to what will happen to the egg. We shall find out the results on Monday morning!!

Year 4 – Jesus’ Family Tree

Year 4 had the task of researching Jesus’ family tree today. We used our iPads to investigate who may have been in Jesus family. We also used The book of Matthew which gave us a strong starting point. While conducting our research we made a great discovery, we found out that the book of Luke can trace Jesus’ family all the way back to Adam and Eve!

Year 4 – How do our teeth work?

This week in Science we have been investigating the different types of teeth in a humans mouth and the function that each type of tooth has. We even decided to act out the function of every type of tooth to really understand how they work. We discovered that we have five types of teeth; incisors, canines, premolars, molars and finally the wisdom teeth. If you’d like to know what the job of each tooth is, just ask someone in Year 4, they may even act it out for you!

KS2 School Games Day.

As part of School Games Day, the whole of the school enjoyed a variety of activities both in class and outdoors. Following a fantastic ‘Wake up, Shake up’ school assembly in the hall, our aim for the day was to show that anyone can take part in sports and that children can be successful in any game they choose to play. A great day was had by all. Here are some of the activities years 3, 4 and 5 took part in. Well done everyone!