Year 4

Shang Dynasty

As part of our topic about the Shang Dynasty, year 4 have been making porridge as they would have in the Shang Dynasty times. The children weighed out the millet, milk, water and star anise for their recipes. They then mixed them well and they were all put together in a pan. Once outside the children collected sticks and assisted in creating a fire for the porridge to cook on. The children then tasted the porridge so they could see what Shang Dynasty food might have tasted like. The general feeling seemed to be that they did not massively enjoy the taste however, we all had fun making it!!


Through our music lessons, we have been listening to songs from Abba. The children then appraised the music, deciding what they liked about the songs and listening to the different instruments and voices which were used. The children then had access to the glockenspiels which they used in time with the music. This helped them to count the beats and find the appropriate tune in order to play along.

Safer Internet Day

As part of safer internet day, year 4 have been discussing the term consent and have found out this is another way of saying permission. The children looked at a variety of situations and have agreed they need to speak to an adult before carrying out activities online. They then took part in some role play which discussed when consent had not been given and how the children would feel in these situations.

Fractions with sweets

Year 4 have started their new topic of fractions. In order to understand fractions of quantities, the children used sweets. They worked in pairs and were given a set amount of them. They were then asked to show different fractions including a half, three quarters, two thirds and four sixths. We discussed fraction families and simple ways of working out the fractions going forward. The children enjoyed working out the fractions using sweets as they were able to eat a tasty treat at the end!