Year 4

Year 4 Tag Rugby

Year 4 had a fantastic opportunity to take part in our school tag rugby event. The children developed their skills of running with the ball and passing. We concluded with a mini tournament. Well done Year 4!


Year 4 have been learning all about the rainforest and the many features of rainforests around the world. We decided to look at the Amazon Rainforest in more depth. We have been using map work to investigate South America whilst also learning all about the many layers of the forest.

More Than Dance

Year 4 had a fantastic opportunity to discover more about Our Mother Mary with a morning spent along side the More Than Dance team. We created a liturgical dance for the Year of Mary and our own prayer bracelet.

Cricket in Year 4

Year 4 continued to develop their cricket skills this week and competed in a great round robin game of cricket, children had to use their catching, bowling, striking and communication skills throughout. Well done Year 4.

Electrical circuits

In Year 4 this week we continued our Electricity topic in science, we created simple circuits using wires, a cell and a lamp. We developed these ideas further by introducing new components such as switches and motors. Finally we looked a what a conductor of electricity could be and tested different materials to see which worked and which didn’t.