Year 4

Cooking the Shang way!

Year 4 took part in a cookery lesson, looking closely at the types of ingredients used during the Shang Dynasty. After our investigation into what types of ingredients where grown during this period in time, we looked at how they would be combined to create daily meals for the Shang people. We cooked a typical Shang stir fry along with a millet porridge flavoured with star anise. Well done year 4 on a successful cooking lesson.

Italian Club make pizza!

Italian Club make pizza!

Mrs Innerdale runs an Italian after school club every Tuesday evening. Tonight the children have been able to have a go at making their very own Italia food – pizzas with the help of Mrs Humble.┬áThe children all enjoyed this activity and were very pleased to be able to take their pizzas home for tea! Let’s hope they tasted as nice ad they looked!

Year 4 – Shang Atefacts

As year 4 continue to develop their understanding of the Shang Dynasty we were able to take advantage of the school grounds and create our very own Shang inspired artefacts! We looked closely at objects found from the Shang time and decided to use natural materials to recreate these artefacts. Can you see our Shang masks or our  turtle artefact? Why not ask someone in year 4 to tell you the story behind a Shang artefact?

Year 4 – Chess

Year 4 started to learn all about chess this week. The children were introduced to the game and how to develop a strategic way of thinking to defeat your opponent. We looked closely at the pawns and the types of moves they can do. We then only played with these pieces to try and out wit one another!