Year 4

Using an apostrophe to show possession

Using an apostrophe to show possession

Today in English, Year 4 reminded themselves how to use an apostrophe to show singular (belonging to one person) and plural (belonging to more than one person) possession. They practised lots of sentences on their whiteboards and discussed the rules together as talk partners. Finally, everyone looked at plural nouns such as children and men and  how we would use the apostrophe to show possession when using these words.

How the Holy Spirit gave Peter and John courage

Today we listened to the story of Peter and John from Acts Chapter 4: Verses 1-26 and how they had the courage to stand up to the officials and keep their promise to Jesus telling everyone that they could not keep silent about the great things that God has done and they would continue to spread the Good News.

First we prepared questions for the two disciples and took part in an interview role play. Then we thought about times in our own lives where we have had the courage to stand up for something we strongly believed in.

Holy Week Liturgy

On Holy Thursday, the last day of term, each class in KS2 gathered  to reflect on the symbols of Holy Week and to think about how to follow Jesus’ example of love and self-giving.  A central focal point was created in our chapel in the grounds.   Although the key stage were not able to come together for the liturgy it meant they could all visit the chapel as a class and reflect on the focal point created together.  The younger children were also able to come and reflect on the symbols of Jesus’ passion.