Year 4

Gymnastics in Year 4

Year 4 have been fine tuning their gymnastics skills this term and have enjoyed working together to develop the different movements they can apply to gymnastics, looking at forward roles and balancing technique. Well done year 4.

Working with CAFOD

Year 4 had a fantastic opportunity to work with CAFOD to create a deeper understanding of Laudato Si – the Pope’s message about taking care of our common home. Year 4 looked at how we can help our community and how helping to save the environment will not just aid us but all those around the world especially those in poorer communities. We even made a pledge stating how we would support this message from the Pope.

The Vikings: Raiders and Settlers

Year 4 have been thoroughly enjoying their current Vikings topic. We’ve used atlases to locate the countries the Vikings came from. We also decided to identify the difference between being a raider and being a settler and whether we thought the Vikings fell into one of those categories or both? Why not ask a Year 4 child to give you the answer to that question.

Hot or Cold?

As part of our Year 4 science topic – States of Matter – we have been looking at temperature and whether we feel using our hand is the best way to measure the temperature of an object? We also thought about the way the temperature can change in an object, we did this by placing our left hand in icy water and our right hand in hot water then after a few moments putting both hands into a room temperature bowl of water. We could feel the transition of one hand warming up and the other cooling down!