Year 4

Lent Collective Worship


Year 4 took part in a collective worship about Lent in the Gospel Garden. We looked at the different stations of the cross and reflected on these through thoughtful prayer. The children discussed ways in which we can make sure we are kind to each other and how they might have felt if they had been in the crowd. They finished the lesson with a prayer thanking Father for Jesus.

Class Mass


Year 4 took part in a class Mass today. The children gathered in the hall with Father Rose leading them. They delivered readings, prayers and sang hymns as part of the worship. The theme of the Mass was Lent and the children understood the significance of the items within the focal area.

Stella woods


Year 4 have spent the morning in Stella woods to build shelters and explore their natural surroundings. The class started the morning with a scavenger hunt. This meant they were able to get to see the area and get to know their boundaries while they were in the woodland. They then worked in groups to build shelters. Once they had finished, they did a sketch of their work and commented with improvements they would make. They were then given a little time to try and improve their structures before getting to have a rest inside them!

Skipping Festival


Year 4 took part in the Skipping School’s festival today. As part of the festival the children had to perform a variety of skipping skills. Some of the skills included; pretzel, speed bounce, double bounce, cross over, side swing, keep the pot boiling, face to face, butterfly and run in run out. The children have been working really hard to perfect their skills. The 10 children who took part in ‘keep the pot boiling’ did so well they came away with first place!!!

To end the festival, the children performed a skipping dance to ‘Let’s go fly a kite’. A lot of fun was had by all and they should all be so proud of their achievements today.