Year 4

Airport Day


Year 4 had a wonderful airport day. During the day, the children designed their own logos for an airline and created an advert so they could use their persuasive techniques in order to sell tickets! They were given airport codes from around the world and tried to work out which cities these codes applied to and then used atlases to find their grid references.

The outfits were amazing too!


Great news for our Year 3 / 4 athletics, who automatically went through to the second round of the Gateshead schools competition.

The children took part in four events – long distance run, a sprint, throwing a howler and a standing long jump.

The children were fantastic and really worked hard! Congratulations to all involved!

Investigating a Saint


As part of Year 4’s RE topic about God’s People, they have been investigating a variety of Saints. The children chose their own Saint and then researched their date of birth, interesting facts and the date they were canonised. Some of the children chose Saint Mary and Saint Thomas Aquinas to link with our school.

Using Co-ordinates


Year 4 have begun looking at position and direction on a grid. In order to familiarise themselves with the axis and positions on a grid, we drew a human one on the floor. The children were then able to stand inside of the grid at the correct points and move appropriately when instructed.