Year 4

Erasmus balloons

Today we had a special visitor in. David is a physics teacher and came to work with the children using balloons. This is linked to the Erasmus work the school has been doing. Through this lesson, the children were able to interact with the balloons and discovered a variety of new, fun things which can… Continue Reading


Throughout this half term Year 4 are concentrating on dance through their PE lessons. The children have been developing their dance skills using┬áthe story and music from the Pied Piper. The children then used these skills and danced as if they were in a theme park. This included being on a roller coaster, where children… Continue Reading

Shang Dynasty Farming

We have been developing our understanding of the Shang Dynasty and how the food was grown. In order to do this the children recreated the irrigation farming of the Shang Dynasty in miniature. The children were able to experiment with the soil and developed an understanding of the changes that could be made to prevent… Continue Reading

Remembrance Liturgy 2018

Remembrance Liturgy 2018

To mark 100 years since the end of World War I, the children planned and led a very thoughtful liturgy on Friday afternoon. Not only did the children remember those soldiers who had lost their lives fighting for our country, but celebrated everything they have achieved for us today. Please watch the highlights below Continue Reading