Year 4

World Book Day in KS2

The children (and teachers) across the school have enjoyed taking part in World Book Day. The children shared their favourite characters and books and have been inspired to read more. To celebrate their outfits, the key stage 2 children took part in a catwalk activity. There were some amazing costumes! A fun day was had… Continue Reading

States of matter

  Year 4 have begun a new science topic – states of matter. In order to understand solids, liquids and gases, the children became them! They went out into the yard and started as a gas particle, this meant they had to spread out and move around quickly. They then became a liquid particle by… Continue Reading

Shang Dynasty

As part of our topic about the Shang Dynasty, year 4 have been making porridge as they would have in the Shang Dynasty times. The children weighed out the millet, milk, water and star anise for their recipes. They then mixed them well and they were all put together in a pan. Once outside the… Continue Reading


Through our music lessons, we have been listening to songs from Abba. The children then appraised the music, deciding what they liked about the songs and listening to the different instruments and voices which were used. The children then had access to the glockenspiels which they used in time with the music. This helped them… Continue Reading