Year 5

Creating Volcanoes

Creating Volcanoes

As part of our Volcanoes topic in geography, year 5 have used all their knowledge of volcanoes to create their own. Using their art and DT skills the children set to work in groups making sure they created the volcano that they were asked to design. There were shield and composite volanoes created. Well done Year 5.

Year 5 – Football skills

Year 5 have been working with a coach from Newcastle United to improve their football skills. We took part in games that improved our movement and agility along with some competitive matches at the end of the session. Well played Year 5!

Prayerful Meditation – Collective Worship

Prayerful Meditation – Collective Worship

Year 5 reflected on the scripture, “My peace I Ieave you, my own peace I give you.” John 14:27, we took some time to quietly think about these words and their true meaning. Using prayerful meditation we placed our hands on our hearts and thought about the different meanings of the word peace. We listened to quiet music while we created our own interpretation of peace along with prayers and thoughts. Mr Craig created a booklet of these and displayed them on our classroom focal point so children and visitors to our classroom can also reflect on the important message of peace.

Chinese New Year

To celebrate Chinese New Year, year 5 made there own Chinese inspired fans. We used traditional colours and different painting techniques, along with cutting and sticking, to create a classic Chinese patterned fan.

Gateshead Champions

Today, Alisha and Reece, from Gateshead Football Club, came to present our Year 5/6 team with medals and their trophy following the tournament win in November.  Reece is a local boy from Ryton – who proves that hard work and determination really do pay off.

We’re off to York next week for the next round. Good luck boys!