Year 5


Last week in Design Technology (DT), we started our lesson using the iPads to research different materials that we could use to design our bridges. We then made miniature models of our bridges using modelling clay.

Traffic Survey

We investigated the volume of traffic at different times of the day. We recorded the different types of vehicles that travelled past us and then calculated the total of them during that time period.



Italian Club make pizza!

Italian Club make pizza!

Mrs Innerdale runs an Italian after school club every Tuesday evening. Tonight the children have been able to have a go at making their very own Italia food – pizzas with the help of Mrs Humble. The children all enjoyed this activity and were very pleased to be able to take their pizzas home for tea! Let’s hope they tasted as nice ad they looked!

Finding mystery locations

In geography this week, we discussed the importance of knowing and being able to use the eight different compass points. We were then given a map and had to follow directions using them. Finally once we were confident we had to go and locate mystery points around our school grounds.