Year 5

Tag Rugby

Today we practised our tag rugby skills; we developed our skills in dodging, catching and defending. Then we competed against each other in our house teams. We really enjoyed our tag rugby session.




Today we were invited to spend the day at Nissan. Here we completed a range of hands-on interactive workshops.

 First, we found out about Nissan and the Japanese culture and then we designed our own car. In the second session, we visited the training facility and then had the opportunity to use actual production parts and tools.

We really enjoyed the experience and thank Nissan for the wonderful experience.


Chemical and Physical Changes

In Science, we explored the differences between physical and chemical changes. We observed a chemical change involving hydrogen peroxide and yeast, it expanded everywhere!
Next we got hands on with a really strange physical change. We observed a material called Oobleck, it changes from a liquid to a solid when you touch it.

Rosary beads made by Mini Vinnies

Mini Vinnies have been making rosary beads to sell during the Month of May. They will be available from the School office for 50p.

The beads represent one decade of the Rosary, with a coloured bead next to the cross for the “Our Father”, 10 beads of the same colour for the “Hail Mary’s”  and a bead at the end for the “Glory Be”. Each decade will be in its own pouch along with a copy of the prayers.

All money raised will be donated to charity so please come along and buy one!

Overnight at YMT!

After a busy day, we ended the evening with a candle lit procession from the chapel to the auditorium for a peaceful reflection on how special and unique we all are. When we eventually returned to our chalets, we settled down to watch a film with our treats.