Year 5

Andy Wahol

Today was our first Art lesson. We began by looking at images of Pop Art and discussing them. We were then set the challenge of finding out about the artist who invented Pop Art. Information about Andy Warhol was hidden around our school grounds. We were given questions and had to go and find the answers to them. This was a fun way to start our topic!

KS2 School Games Day.

As part of School Games Day, the whole of the school enjoyed a variety of activities both in class and outdoors. Following a fantastic ‘Wake up, Shake up’ school assembly in the hall, our aim for the day was to show that anyone can take part in sports and that children can be successful in any game they choose to play. A great day was had by all. Here are some of the activities years 3, 4 and 5 took part in. Well done everyone!



Year 5 visit Nissan

We have had a fantastic day at Nissan finding out about how cars are made and visiting the Nissan plant. We had a good catch up with Miss Pallas too! Thomas was really lucky because he was chosen to have his name and portrait drawn by a robot!




Year 3, 4 and 5 have fun at the beach

Last week, years 3, 4 and 5 set off for the beach at South Shields despite a weather forecast predicting some rain.  We were prepared for all eventualities however we were very lucky to have fine weather all day!  After building sandcastles and digging tunnels we had lunch and then ventured into the sea for a paddle. In the afternoon we played games including football and cricket as well as having fun with the parachute.  A great day all round!



African Day

African Day

African Day got off to a great start with a whole school assembly led by Mrs Innerdale.

Mrs Innerdale told us a little bit about the continent Africa and then showed us where Cameron will be working next year and the types of activities he will do.


Lots of fundraising activities took place throughout the day … penalty shootout, cake sale, raffle, guess teddy’s name, guess the number of sweets and nail painting. It was a great success!

After many African themed activities in class, the children then came back together in the hall for a final assembly. The raffle prizes were drawn and winner announced.

Well done and thank you everyone!