Year 5

Mixing football and computing

Years 5 and 6 have recently taken part in a computer workshop delivered by Gateshead Library. They were given the task of building a penalty shoot out game that would record each goal scored, along with making an audible alert. First, the children programmed the Microbit mini computer using the online box editing software. The Microbit needed to make an audible sound when a goal was scored along with keeping a record of the score. Then, it was the big build. They were given card, tinfoil, wires, Blue Tac and a buzzer. Using these materials, they built their goal and connected it to the Microbit. Finally, it was game time! Each pair had their own penalty shoot out using their Microbit to keep the score. Well done Years 5 and 6!


Welcoming Bishop Robert

On Tuesday 26 March a schools’ celebration was held at St. Mary’s Cathedral to welcome Bishop Robert to the Diocese.

The congregation of over 600 people was made up of pupils, staff and school chaplains from our 156 Diocesan schools. Two pupils from Year 5, Alice and Olivia, were chosen to attend along with Mrs Wilders and Mrs Bowden.

Bishop Robert was presented with a stole which had been designed by two children including Alice from our school.  He was also presented with a book of welcome that included a greeting page from each school. The celebration liturgy included readings, prayers and songs on the theme ‘Called to Serve’.  After the celebration, Bishop Robert spent time greeting pupils and adults from each school individually.

Space Camp Workshops

Year Five had an amazing opportunity this afternoon. As part of the visit from Space Camp Sam, they had the opportunity to train as astronaut ! They undertook a carousel of activities involving translating Russian, precision training, memory training, dexterity training and mission patches. Thankfully, they all passed !