Year 6

Chinese New Year Kites

Year Six have been making some Chinese kites to celebrate the year of the pig. They added some Chinese characters, fireworks and kite tails.

Gateshead Champions

Today, Alisha and Reece, from Gateshead Football Club, came to present our Year 5/6 team with medals and their trophy following the tournament win in November.  Reece is a local boy from Ryton – who proves that hard work and determination really do pay off.

We’re off to York next week for the next round. Good luck boys!

Sorting Diagrams

Year Six have been enjoying the benefits of creating sorting diagrams with sweets. They used a series of questions to sort the sweets but once they had completed the task they could eat them !


As part of their topic on living things, Year Six have been looking at mould growth. Using bread, they designed an experiment to study what the conditions are for mould growth.With the experiment underway, they are waiting to see what happens and keeping a keen eye on the bread !