Year 6


Year Six have been designing the Anderson shelters that they are going to make from recycled materials. Using Sketch Up, which is a C.A.D programe, they created a 3D design and added different materials onto the model.

Welcome Liturgy

Reception and Year Six shared a special welcome liturgy this week. It was lovely to see Reception starting their journey of faith, hope and love in our school and starting to work with their Special Friends.

Testing Testing

Year Six have been testing recycled materials to see which materials are best to create a model of an Anderson shelter. They had to evaluate each material against a set of criteria and decide on which materials they are going to use.

Kenning Connundrums

A kenning is a form of Anglo Saxon poetry based on figurative expressions that replace nouns. Year Six wrote kennings that challenge everyone to guess who they are. Can you guess who each person is ?


Year Six used a range of art techniques to create a silhouette picture and background. By creating patterns, colour washes and silhouettes, they created an effective finished piece.

Can you guess who is who ?