Year 6


During our first session back after the Christmas break, we have looked at another scene from Joseph and the Amazing Technicoloured Dream Coat. The children were split into groups of four and asked to choose a part for each member of their group. Then, they practiced the scene within their groups and performed it to the whole group.

HereĀ are some short snippetsĀ from some of the groups.



Year Six have been studying scale. They used a map of the school grounds to measure distances on the map then on the actual ground. As a class they compared the measurements and concluded that the scale was 1:464.

Digital compositions

As part of their international space topic, Year Six created digital music compositions. Using a variety of digital sound clips , they organised the order to best effect.

Christmas fun in year Six

As part of their party afternoon, Year Six had the opportunity to work together in teams to play a variety of different games . They enjoyed the musical, visual, general knowledge and artistic elements of the afternoons quizzes and tasks.