Year 6

Fairground rotation

Year Six have been looking at fairground movement in DT, studying how the rides rotate and the common movements within each type of ride.

They were challenged to use a pulley system to create different types of movement.

3D Book characters

Over the past few weeks, Year 6 have been designing their own portrait of some beloved book characters.

They first created a design in their art books, before bringing the characters to life with some paint. Year 6 were then tasked with using some old card to add a 3D element to their portrait, with some fantastic results!

Conscience Alley

Year 6 have been considering the positives and negatives of witnessing. They considered certain everyday events and decided what they would do.

Holy Week Liturgy

On Holy Thursday, the last day of term, each class in KS2 gathered  to reflect on the symbols of Holy Week and to think about how to follow Jesus’ example of love and self-giving.  A central focal point was created in our chapel in the grounds.   Although the key stage were not able to come together for the liturgy it meant they could all visit the chapel as a class and reflect on the focal point created together.  The younger children were also able to come and reflect on the symbols of Jesus’ passion.

Longitude and Latitude

This week in Geography, year 6 have been learning about lines of latitude and longitude. They started by exploring continents on an atlas, looking at how the earth has been divided by the Equator and Prime Meridian. To help visualise this, the boys and girls worked in pairs to create a model globe using an orange and some string to represent the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.