Year 6

Star orienteering

Year Six have been using the new orienteering course that has been installed in school. To get to know the markers, they worked in class, identifying the markers. Then outside, they worked in pairs to find all the points around the Key Stage 2 yard.

Together we are…

Year Six have been looking at how amazing they all are. Working together, they realised that they could look forward to a wonderful year of achievement and enjoyment.

Y6 in the style of James Rizzi

Year Six have been painting in the style of James Rizzi. This American pop artist is known for his bright vibrant paintings which portray people in cartoon like ways. Can you spot anyone you know ?

Emotion faces

Year Six have been looking at the different emotions that they experienced over the last few months. They have been expressing these emotions using clay. Can you spot which emotions they have been experiencing ?

Welcome back to school – September 2020.

Welcome back to school – September 2020.



Dear Parents/Carers,

We hope you have enjoyed the summer break. Please click on the image below to download and read our welcome back letter.

The letter explains all of the arrangements/protocols for parents and children when returning to school next week.

We’re all looking forward to welcoming the children back at the beginning of the academic year.

Thank you and stay safe.