Year 6

Divided world ?

Year Six took part in the CAFOD divided world game. They looked at the division of the resources for food, wealth, education and health care around the world. They were really surprised how unfair the distribution was.


As part of their topic on light, year Six have been investigating the effect of the distance a light source is from an object on the size of the shadow. It was tricky to be really scientific and not alter the variables within the experiment.


Professor Calango and Mr Smulders worked with year Six to demonstrate Capoeira. They really enjoyed this mix of music and martial arts. It tested their stamina, balance, rhythm and singing ability. They are looking forward to Professor Calango starting a class in Blaydon soon.


Life in the Womb

Mrs Olerinshaw visited Year Six to talk about the amazing journey of life. With lots of amazing pictures and stories, Year Six were surprised about the rapid development of life in the womb.

School Comparison

As part of Africa day, Year Six have been looking at the similarities and differences between a school in Kenya and our own school in Blaydon. It was fascinating to see how many things we had in common.