Nursery Home Learning – Wednesday 29th April

Hi everyone, can you believe it’s Wednesday already.

Who can remember what day it will be tomorrow?

Today we have a few lovely little jobs for you to do.

29.4.20 – task 1a

29.4.20 – task 2

Maybe you could talk about the different shades of the different colours – mint green is very different to emerald green, but they are both green.

Stay safe x

Mrs Robinson

2 Responses to Nursery Home Learning – Wednesday 29th April

  1. Nathan enjoyed doing his shape picture today, he done a great job. Can’t seem to add it though to show you. I might add it on the school fb page as he was very proud of his work today 😊

  2. That’s lovely to hear, well done Nathan! I saw the picture you sent in and it was just fabulous!! Thank you for sharing. x

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