Nursery Home Learning – Friday 19th June

Hello everyone it’s Friday today.

Well that’s another week of school almost finished, I can’t quite believe it.  Work hard today and then you’ve got two lovely days off.

Here are a few little jobs to do today.

Task 1 – Please choose one of these science experiments to carry out.

19.6.20 – Task 1a     19.6.20 – Task 1b

Task 2 – Over the weekend, I’d like you to practise putting on your coat and doing the buttons or zip. Maybe you could also practise putting on and taking off your shoes if you master your coat.

Extra – This week has been about sea creatures, please draw me a picture.  It could be about a specific creature or you might want to draw an under the sea picture.  I can’t wait to see them.

19.6.20 – Extra

If you have a bit spare time, why not read or watch the story ‘Commotion In the Ocean’.

What other sea life books have you read and enjoyed?

Stay safe and have a great weekend x

Mrs Robinson

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