Nursery Home Learning – Friday 5th June

Wow, it’s Friday already. I can’t believe that’s another school week complete.

I hope you are all well and are smiling as much as you can in these difficult times.

Here are a few jobs for today.

Job 1 – Please hide something that you have used this week (like the story book, or the magic beans) in a place your child can find them.  You are going to help your child find the object using positional language like ‘on top of’, ‘next to’ or ‘behind’.  They could then hide it and use positional language to help you find it.

5.6.20 – task 2 You might need a number track to help.  5.6.20 – number track

Extra job – bean game.  You name a bean and your child needs to move that way. For example a runner bean, or a jumping bean, or a sleepy bean or a crazy bean.

Have fun over the weekend and stay safe x

Mrs Robinson x

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