Nursery Home Learning – Thursday 11th June

Hi everyone, isn’t this week going so fast!  I can’t believe that it’s Friday tomorrow.

Mrs Lamb and I are missing you all so much!

Here are a few jobs for you to do today.

Task 1 – Can you count how many animals there are and can you also write the number?

11.6.20 – Task 1 number track

Task 2 – Can you remember rhyming words.  These are words that sound the same at the end, like cat, hat and mat.  Or fox and box.  Can you work out which of these words don’t rhyme?

11.6.20 – Task 2

Extra job if you fancy it, doing some under the sea writing.

11.6.20 – extra

If you have some time and fancy doing some reading, why not read ‘Hairy Maclairy’ or watch it using this link.

Stay safe and be kind to each other. x

Mrs Robinson

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