Nursery Home Learning – Thursday 25th June

Hello girls and boys, it’s Thursday already.  I can’t believe how quick this week is going.

Here are a few little jobs for you to do today.

Task 1 – Can you spot the differences in the two pictures?

25.6.20 – Task 1

Task 2 – Please create a hard and soft materials treasure basket/box/bag containing different materials for children to explore. This could include pom-poms, cotton wool, fleece or felt, wooden blocks, metal spoons, lolly sticks and building bricks. Encourage the children to explore the treasures together and talk about how they feel, look and smell.

Extra – Can you colour in some these pictures.

25.6.20 – extra

If you have time, why not read or watch the Story of The Elves and The Shoemaker.

Stay safe x

Mrs Robinson

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