Nursery Home Learning – Wednesday 10th June

Hello everyone!

Here are a few little jobs for today.

Task 1 – There are so many different animals in the world, today I’d like you to draw me one.  It could be one that lives at the zoo, or under the sea, or it might even be your pet animal.

10.6.20 – task 1

Task 2 – Look carefully at the poster to find all the hidden animals. Can you describe where each one is hiding using positional language? Try reading the clue cards to identify each animal. Can you solve all the clues?

10.6.20 – Task 2

10.6.20 – Task 2 clues

Extra task – Here is a link to an interactive underwater counting game

If you have time and fancy doing some reading, why not read ‘Dear Zoo’ or maybe you could watch it using this link:

Stay safe x

Mrs Robinson

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