Nursery Home Learning – Friday 3rd July

Happy Friday everyone, today is the last day of the school week.

Here are a few jobs for you.

Task 1 – Why not try one or maybe both of these science experiments.  Can you make it rain?

3.7.20 – task 1a        3.7.20 – task 1b

Task 2 – Please can you draw me two pictures – one about a sunny day and the other about a rainy day.  What things might you want to include?  Have a little think before you start.

3.7.20 – task 2

Extra – Maybe you could make a curiosity cube today.  Or perhaps pretend to be a weather reporter and tell me about the weather.

3.7.20 – extra b

Do you have any more weather stories to read?  Maybe you want to read again one of the ones you’ve already read this week.  I’m going to read Splish! Splash! A book about the rain.

Stay safe and have a lovely weekend! x

Mrs Robinson

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