Nursery Home Learning – Thursday 2nd July

Hello boys and girls, do you know what day it is today?  What day will it be tomorrow?

Here are a few jobs for you to do.

Task 1 – Today I want you to imagine it’s been snowing.  Can you get a try out and put some flour on it.  Please practise writing your letters.  Maybe you could practise writing some or all of the letters in your name.

Task 2 – Do you know which clothes we wear when the weather is different?  Would you wear your wellies on a beautiful sunny day?  Can you sort out these clothes for me.

2.7.20 – task 2

Extra – please cut out the weather shapes.  Maybe you might want to make a mobile with them.

3.7.20 – extra

I’ve been loving these books about the weather.  Which one are you going to read today?  I’m going to read My Friend the Weather Monster.

Stay safe x

Mrs Robinson

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