Nursery Home Learning – Thursday 9th July

Hello everyone.

I hope you are all well and are enjoying some lovely time with your families.  Don’t forget to try and do some jobs every day.

Here are some for today.

Task 1 – I’d like you to design me an alien.  Before you start have a little think about what it will look like.  Will it have one eye or will it have five eyes?  How many legs will it have?  What colour will it be?  Will it have any special powers?

9.7.20 – task 1

Task 2 – Please can you count the number of space items.  Remember to take your time and touch each item as you go.  Maybe you could try and write the number next to the items.

9.7.20 – Task 2     number track

Extra – count you spot how these pictures are different?  There are six differences to find.

9.7.20 – extra

Today I’m going to read How to Catch A Star by Oliver Jeffers, it’s a great book!  Maybe you have a book of your own that you’d like to read.

Stay safe x

Mrs Robinson

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