Nursery Home Learning – Tuesday 14th July

Hello children, it was so lovely to see some of you yesterday at school.

It’s Tuesday today, do you know what day it will be tomorrow?

Here are a few jobs for today.

Task 1 – Can you cut these out and then play a matching pairs game.  Maybe you can turn them all over so that you can’t see them but have to remember where they are, or maybe you can count how long it takes you to match them all up.

14.7.20 – task 1

Task 2 –  Can you count how many things there are and write the number in the circle.

14.7.20 – task 2       number track

Extra – Please pick up your pencil and draw a line very carefully from one to the other.

14.7.20 – extra

Today I am going to read How to Catch a Dragon, it’s a fantastic story.

Stay safe x

Mrs Robinson

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