Nursery Home Learning – Wednesday 15th July

Good morning boys and girls,

here are a few things for you to do today.

Task 1 – I hope you have some playdough handy.  Can you carefully use the playdough on these mats to make things, like a sword or a drawbridge.

15.7.20 – task 1

Task 2 – You might already have some 2D shapes around your house, but if you don’t here are some for you to use.  Can you design a wonderful castle for me please.  What shapes will you use for the windows and the turrets?

15.7.20 – 2d shapes castles

Extra – Do you think you can build a castle.  You could use absolutely anything you want – bricks, blocks, cardboard boxes or maybe pringles tubes.  How tall will it be?  Will it have turrets and flags and a moat?

Today I am going to read an old bear story called the castle.  You might have a different book that you’d like to read, that would be wonderful too.

Stay safe x

Mrs Robinson

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