Nursery Home Learning – Wednesday 8th July

Hello boys and girls, happy Wednesday!

Today I’d like you to do these few jobs for me.

Task 1 – Can you get together some of your favourite toys and make a story up about space.  Maybe they could travel in a space rocket, or maybe an alien could come and visit them here on Earth.  I’ve attached some characters that could be cut up and stuck to sticks if you’d like to use them instead.

8.7.20 – task 1

Task 2 – You will need some scissors and glue for this one.  Could you count the items and put them in order from the smallest to the biggest.  Maybe you might recognise some of the numbers.

8.7.20 – task 2

Extra – Here are some sheets that you might like to colour in.  Or maybe you could draw your very own.  What names would you give to them?

8.7.20 – extra

Maybe if you have a bit spare time you could read another book about space.  Today I’m going to read Whatever Next by Jill Murphy.

Stay safe x

Mrs Robinson

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