Reception Home Learning – Friday 3rd April

Hello everyone!


Here are some tasks for today! (Thank you to the people who pointed out that I had uploaded the wrong ones I think I’ve sorted that now! Oops!!)

I hope you all have a good Easter break. I will continue to post work from Monday 20th April.


Take care and stay safe.

Miss you all!

Miss Wilson


Reception Literacy 3.4.20

Reception Maths 3.4.20

Reception phonics 3.4.20



4 Responses to Reception Home Learning – Friday 3rd April

  1. Hi Miss Wilson

    I could say nothing and give myself a day off from working on the phonics with Katie but Ellie would only complain that it wasn’t fair. I think you’ve uploaded Thursdays files for Friday 🙈.

    Have a nice Easter

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