Reception Home Learning – Thursday 30th April

Hi Everyone!

I have really enjoyed seeing all of the photos on the home lockdown video’s. It was great to see what some of you have been up to!

I would love to hear about your story after you complete your literacy task today.

Here is mine… The 3 Little Starfish and the Big Bad Octopus! One made his home out of seaweed, one out of shells and the last starfish used sea glass!


Here are your tasks for today!

Reception Literacy 30.4.20 Reception Literacy Resource 30.4.20

Reception Maths 30.4.20

Reception Phonics 30.4.20


4 Responses to Reception Home Learning – Thursday 30th April

  1. Hi Miss Wilson

    My story was about 3 unicorns and a dragon.

    One unicorn lived in the forest, one in a field and one under a rainbow which kept it safe !

    Thanks to today’s work

    From Katie

    • Oh Katie! You know how much I love unicorns! I think I would like to live with the unicorn under the rainbow 🌈🦄

  2. Hi Miss Wilson! Logan really enjoyed today’s literacy task and wanted to tell you about his story! He decided to do a story about a big bad bird and three little worms. The first worm made his house from berries and the second from seeds so they were both gobbled up by the bird! The third bird made his house underground where the bird couldn’t get him so lived happily ever after! He can’t wait to show you his work sheet 🙂

    • Wow! This sounds like a fantastic story! I love sitting outside in the morning and watching the birds play! I love wiggly worms too!

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