Year 1 Home Learning – Friday 26th June

Hello Year 1,

Happy FriYAY! 🙂 I hope you have all had such a great week. I know I have!

Keep working hard, I am so proud of every one of you!

This is our last day on the space theme. I have LOVED doing this topic.

Keep reading lots at home. There are some fantastic ebooks on

I would love to hear what stories/books you would like to hear and learn about. So please let me know, I might pick your book!

So for today there is a space booklet FULL of great activities Space Themed Activity Booklet (pick and choose what you would like to do, it includes the answers).

Here is some extra bits to get creative with Design a planet Split Pin Astronaut

If you are really interested in this space topic, the BBC have some fantastic videos to help you learn more!

Have a great weekend,

Miss O’Sullivan 🙂

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