Year 1 Home Learning – Monday 29th June

Good morning Year 1,

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend.

We are moving onto a new topic all about superheroes!

The book read today is called Supertato! All about an amazing hero who saves his friends. I hope you enjoy this story!

Can you make a character profile about about Supertato? You will need to think about his looks, costume, his personality and his super powers.

Use this template to help you: English 29.06


For Maths you will be thinking about tens and ones. To give yourself a reminder use this powerpoint to help you: Dienes Activity Powerpoint

For this activity you will need dice: Maths 29.06 If you don’t have dice, you could try this worksheet out: Maths 29.06 1

You could have a go at this game after:


For Phonics we will be looking at the oo, ew, u-e sound!

Watch this video then have a go at your spellings! Spellings WB 29.06

Have a great day!

Miss O’Sullivan 🙂

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