Year 1 Home Learning Thursday 11th June

Morning everybody!

I hope we are all having a brilliant week so far.

Today you are going to pretend that you are a deep-sea diver! Divers go into deep water to explore. Your mission as a deep-sea explorer is to search Barry and his friends and find out what they are up to!! I have included some ideas:

English 11.06 Activity

Use this template for your postcard:

English 11.06

An extra activity!

If you have a printer you could use these templates to make yourself into a deep-sea diver!!

Make yourself into a diver

For Maths we are carrying on adding. We will be using the counting on technique:

Maths 11.06

I hope you are ready for a challenge with the ‘ea’ sound in phonics:

Phonics 11.06

Have the best day,

Miss O’Sullivan 🙂

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