Year 1 Home Learning Tuesday 2nd June

Morning Year 1!

I hope you’ve had a great day in the sun.

We will be carrying on with odd and even numbers – Maths 02.06 you will need this 100 Square to complete your Maths today.

You will be finishing your instructional writing today – English 02.06

You might want to add a picture of your sandwich at the bottom of your instructions!

Here is a little tutorial you could follow. You could change some of the ingredients to yours!!

They start it 2 minutes 30 seconds in, it is quite easy to follow.

Detective Phonics!!

For Phonics today there is a little story that you need to read and try and find all the ‘ai’, ‘ay’ and ‘a-e’ sounds! Can you find them all (answers are attached). If you have a magnifying glass, you could use it like a detective! Phonics 03.06

Have the best day everyone,

Miss O’Sullivan

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